Monday, March 28, 2016

Deadpool (2016)

It’s been over a month since I saw Deadpool. I thought I’d posted my thoughts on it, but…guess not. I saw a late night showing on a Sunday. I had hoped that it would reduce the number of kids present and I was very, very wrong.

So…I found the audience for suicide Squad. 
“Do bad. / Get killed.” So much to unpack in those lines.

Eye in the Sky Jessie Eisenberg in a drone movie. This honestly looks better than the Ethan Hawke one.

Another “protect the president” movie. Wasn’t Gerald Butler in one of these already? It would be cool if they would nuke London rather than let them have the president. Looks like it has slightly more legs than the rest, but it doesn’t. We know it doesn’t.

EDDIE the Eagle…happened.

Aaron Paul in a weird heist movie. Triple 9. I have no idea what’s happening in this thing.
Also, our local theaters have children telling people to turn their phones off and nothing makes me less likely to comply than being told what to do by a child. WTF local theaters? WTF?

That’s an opening credits sequence.

Dopinder. Bit of a stereotype. Kinda funny and we like him though.

Adventure Time watch. Way to update the references.

Dude. What even are your body guards for? Guy got you by the throat and he’s not shot up?

Takes place in April. Nice.

Someone laughed really late on that testicles joke.

Colossus gets in the jet…just ‘cause and goes alone. Okay. Whatever. Who gives a fuck.

I don’t think grenades work that way, but aaaah who’s worried?

Oh, he just doesn’t like the pegging. :(

Hey! Suit guy is from Galaxy Quest!

Ryan Reynolds has nice hands. He has a nice everything, but yeah, his hands here.

“I’m calling wang” is that or is that not transphobic? I’m not trans so it’s hard for me to say.

Hey, Ajax! I recognize that name!

This is a really poorly run research project.

More torture=>does not follow.

A villain who can’t feel is a pretty good idea.

He should have died of the cancer before all of these things happened.

This chamber is mathematically formulated to be the most tragic backstory, but it doesn’t feel that way.

They could play up the mental illness angle.

Who is playing Weasel? He’s familiar. He’s the director and writer. I don’t know him from anywhere.

Don’t need an origin for Deadpool, to be honest.

Forgot the ammo bag again.

Feel sorry for Colossus fans here. He does have more training than lady villain here.

I like that he uses Deadpool’s own knife.

Bad guy is not invulnerable. He just got fucking stabbed through the chest.

Holy shit, this movie has an actual concept behind it.

The gunshot mid-monologue was a tad predictable. Funny though.

LOL. It’s fucking stapled.

Really good pool-o-vision nod.

Spider-pool/ninja spider-man reference. Nice. I should have probably just made a checklist of these refs before the movie.

The music is really good. There’s a good possibility of a troll on the Deadpool credits sequence.

T.J. Miller is the Director and Weasel.

I did like the Classic X-Men suits.

Ferris Bueller would be a good reference here. I mean, it’s too old for Teenage Negasonic Warhead to get.

Oooh yeah.

Still rare, so how does Deadpool subvert expectations going forward? Relationship-based action movie? More Colossus? Probably not if Cable is in it.

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