Thursday, March 03, 2016

17 to 01: Season 2 Supplemental

We talk a little bit about Bjo Trimble, the writing campaign to save Star Trek, and the Twilight Bark of nerds. 

I also establish that I'm really, really bad at analogies and I have nothing but contempt for documentary and William Shatner source of income, Chaos on the Bridge.

It's possible that in the Season 3 Supplemental we'll talk a bit about Season 2 given that we're doing nothing but talking Season 3 here.

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SkilTao said...

"Solving problems and then getting out of Dodge: two core values," heh... I'm looking forward to your guys' list of essential TOS eps/characteristics; and y'know, Derek's comment about how The Trouble with Tribbles undermines plot logic in order to push campiness, that's also pretty much what's wrong with Moffat's run on Dr Who.

Man, Kirk's obsession with logs... so ingrained he even does it when he has amnesia and forgets that he's a captain.

VanVelding said...

Oh shit. Am I supposed to be making a list, too? I never thought about Moffat's work pushing campiness because I'm sort of on a "calling out grimdark hypermasculininty" kick, but I could see the swaggering "because I'm The Doctor"-yness of Eleven and the WTF humor of The Time of The Doctor as fitting into that paradigm.

Dude. I'm not sure if we caught the logs thing in "The Paradise Syndrome." Gotta edit that today so I ought to check.

SkilTao said...

Well, I've already seen your list, so it's not necessary. I guess I just misinterpreted a remark in the podcast.

"Campiness" might be the wrong word; and it's possible I'm mistaking honest plotting oversights/bandaids for an intentional paradigm.

"Paradise Syndrome" is probably the most egregious of his implausible self-narrations, but you guys have called him out on it enough times I wouldn't be surprised if you gave him a pass.

VanVelding said...

I don't want to spoil "The Paradise Syndrome," but there is a lot happening there so I also wouldn't be surprised if we missed some stuff.