Thursday, December 24, 2015

17 to 01: The Trouble with Tribbles

Oh my goooooooood! Derek doesn't like "The Trouble with Tribbles"! Beneath my every line of dialog in this episode is my desire to scream at the impossibility of Dereks' wrong opinion of this episode that is wrong!

They're Tribbles! They're adorable! Everyone is having fun why aren't you having fun Derek?!

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SkilTao said...

[Kirk] Well, there's no accounting for taste. [/Kirk]

Maybe I've seen (and rationalized) too much Star Trek acting, but I see Kirk's cavalierness (exasperation to the point you wonder if he's coming a little unhinged) as a perfectly Kirk-like reaction to getting trapped so far outside his idiom. Guarding grain isn't a problem that can be solved by poking things; it is in fact the opposite of poking things.

In a normal ep, we'd expect Kirk to be proactive and right about everything, but here he's obstructionist and ignorant about everything, and his only proactive step--opening the grain hatch himself--backfires. The ep just takes every opportunity to walk all over his pride. I wonder if they were being self-aware and systematic about these comic inversions, or if it's just an aggregate of easy jokes... Either way, I'd bet that this inversion of Star Trek's norm is both what makes the episode a classic and why Derek doesn't see it as a classic example of what Star Trek is about.

It would be really nice to have a TNG/DS9-era Klingon who, in addition to being consistent with TNG/DS9-era Klingon-ness, also enjoyed messing with Federation captains as much as Koloth does here.

The Chekov and Uhura pairing is nice. Wish they'd spent less of it in silent reaction shots, watching Cyrano and the barman haggle.

VanVelding said...

That's a really interesting point; while comedy is very principled in act, it's incredibly unprincipled in theory. Bad guys might lose and become humiliated in a good comedy, but strong, proactive moves are constantly undercut in order to deliver a punchline.

In that respect, both Kirk and Baris have to be undercut in order to get the gags across. Kirk as a proactive force has to be undercut and Baris because he's a bad guy. How different captains deal with different light-hearted episodes is definitely something worth monitoring going forward.

You know I'm a big fan of anything that gives Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu a voice, so yes, more of them.