Thursday, December 17, 2015

17 to 01: By Any Other Name

Now with new and improved Balanced Sound(TM) Technology! Also, we are way out of order as the work on this has gotten backlogged. I've got a week of vacation coming and I absolutely will not be able to fix it then.

It's always harder to talk about good episodes and "By Any Other Name" is a good episode. It's an underrated gem that's got a solid story and an eeeh concept behind it.

I am legitimately excited about the return of coffee cups, Mad Manning, and the Federation's amazing technicolor jumpsuit. I am more excited about ball pit ghillie-suit action Sulu.

This episode was written by Jerome Bixby, who also did "Mirror, Mirror," "Requiem for Methuselah," and "Day of the Dove." So they got him to do two more, which shows that Star Trek was pretty right to listen to Derek.

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SkilTao said...

This is a good episode. Lots of schemes and action. You say there's no real moral to it, but I think Derek put his finger on it when he said our heroes prevail by being better humans than the Kelvins: start to finish, the ep is literally about humanizing the enemy. ...technically that's more of a motif, and cultural assimilation isn't regarded as 100% virtuous, but whatever.

[pedant] In the jailbreak, Spock described his trick as making the guard think they've already escaped, so it amuses me that the woman is clearly watching everybody gathered around Spock as she's opening the door. [/pedant]

I also assumed they were going to kill the guy, and was surprised they killed the girl instead; doubly glad they gave her that quick exchange earlier about the generation ship. Made me think she was going to befriend the alien.

I forgot that the cthulhuan otaku-aliens from Galaxy Quest are basically these guys from this episode!

I love how the girl at Sulu's station spends the whole episode wondering why the other Kelvins are losing their shit.

Good points about Spock being an anthropologist, and working in tandem with Kirk. This writer did a really good job picking up threads from past eps.

Scotty and that whiskey, man. Rightly one of (maybe even the very top of) Trekdom's most favorite sequences.

Would fit nicely if the planet the Kelvins settle on were to become Risa.

VanVelding said...

I didn't think about the Galaxy Quest guys. They are eerily similar.

I really hate the incestuous continuity, but it would be hella cool if the Kelvans founded Risa.