Thursday, December 31, 2015

17 to 01: I, Mudd

This one takes a weird veer into Derek's surprisingly Libertarian views on copyright law. 

Not surprisingly, we glance over objectification of women and the ethics of having sex with robots. Not a lot of lessons to pull from this one except that Derek does not like Harry Mudd.

Also, what is camp? Yes, I'm ignoring the definition Derek throws out.

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SkilTao said...

This episode is even better than Leningrad. (Hah, Chekov's attempts at Russian dancing.)

Wow, for that triptych being filmed the way you say, it was very well timed.

I feel like Norman could have failed his hijacking attempt and Kirk would've investigated the planet anyways. Then since the androids want humans to study, and want influence over human society, Kirk could have promised a steady stream of Federation intelligentsia and negotiated the planet's entry into the Federation. (I'm okay with the idea that the Federation can't duplicate technology from a civilization centuries ahead; but maybe that's just my BattleTech fandom showing through.)

Uhura almost colliding with Norman on the bridge, and later, gesturing like she's about to respond when Kirk asks "opinions?" - Nichel's really making the most of almost having lines. Her fake-betrayal is a good bit, and I get that the ep isn't long enough for them to actually follow through on the "drug Mudd" plan, but I kinda wish they'd either made it a real attempt or at least acknowledged why that plan was sure to fail.

I've got nothing to add to your discussion of Harry Mudd, except that it's interesting how the Alices almost look how stella might have looked in her youth. I mean, I'm sure it wasn't scripted or intentionally cast that way, but it would play into your comments about Harry creating idealized versions of people.

If Kirk were to bring Mudd back to the Federation, I wonder if the Federation would be obligated to extradite him to Deneb for his death sentence.