Monday, December 02, 2013


Don't have the next 64 Deck Bag ready. They're kind of a bear. They use tables and there's a cut and paste angle. They're kind of a Actually, they're why I'm probably going to be taking wordpress off of the big boy site in the near future and starting from scratch over there (wordpress blogs can't handle fucking tables?). It'll be a whole thing.

I'm trying to get through the holiday season. Trying to get into modding some Minecraft as a way to learn Java. Looking for more gainful employment. Trying to get some freelance work. Wrapping up my first FATE RPG in the next few days. (I'll probably be posting some of that here, or at least links to it.).

Kinda busy despite all of the silence that's permeated this blog lately. Sorry for the delays. If it's any help, this place may be quiet, but I still have a tumblr, a hot guys tumblr, and a talk-about-politics tumblr.

I'm also angling to get linkstorms done. I really, really like doing them and I want to do them, but sometimes I get caught in a vicious cycle of overproduction and then it seems like they're too negative. Anywhoo, I'm still workin' on it folks.

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