Monday, December 30, 2013

Progress Report: 30 DEC 13

So, I have something of a history of heaping too much onto my plate. So I was thinking about what would happen if I kept a record of all of that stuff over the course of a few days so I can see where I'm getting shit done. Not exciting, but good for a few laughs. 


Probably not.

Work - I work about thirty hours a week. Mostly doing some deliveries and customer service stuff, but I pick up some online work too. That's pretty basic stuff. In fact, I find it easiest to do because I tend to do it under the gun. There's no real goal here; this one kind of takes care of itself.

Finding Better Work - I do spend a lot of time on this, but it's inconsistent time. For all that effort, I'm still not in a routine for it. I'd like to put in about twenty apps per week (ideally, twenty-five, but that's a bonus).

Blogging/Writing - This is really (or should be) my second most important thing. I try to do it about five times a week (The Tuesdays and Thursdays don't count for much, though I'll have to get around to doing Thursdays soon). That hasn't really worked out these past few months, but hey, here's one. 1/5

Dinner/Socializing - My roommates are my best friends. I do like spending time with them. I try to cook once a week and I like gaming with them or watching Doctor Who together. It's hard to put a solid time on that, but maybe...2 hours a day? It seems like a number that's both prohibitively large and very small at the same time.

Hiking - I've been trying to go hiking once a week, but my consistency is spotty at best. Now that the roommates' sleep schedules have changed, I think I've got better odds at getting a weekend to do it if I miss it on Sunday morning. 4 hours.

Roleplaying - In addition to trying to plan The Next Campaign (still FATE), I've also volunteered to get with Derek on a collaborative roleplaying thing. This warrants about five hours a week of my time. I think that's reasonable.

Modding Minecraft - I've been modding Minecraft lately. I've been thinking about doing an "Idiot's Guide to Minecraft" series, but the tutorials I've found so far have been so comprehensive it's hard to justify, none the less, I think it's worth working on for 2-3 hours a day, so about ten hours a week. I'd like to set firmer guidelines, like putting a custom block into my mod by 1000 Friday, but I'm not really sure if that's the best way to benchmmark that.

I've also got playing Magic with a friend on weekends, spending time with my other friends, dealing with a roofing issue, waiting for my car to explode, and trying to keep up online relationships. I think the important part is just focusing on what I need to do.

This week is going to be a bit different then. I'm going to try to log my progress for each of these things and hopefully, you will be entertained.

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