Monday, December 30, 2013

Progress Report: 30 DEC 13 Close of Business

Hey, so daily progress report: GO!

Work - 4 1/4 hours of approximately 30 hours.

Finding Better Work - 4 of 20 apps

Blogging/Writing - 2/5 pieces

Dinner - 2/10 No progress on dinner. Thinking cabbage, ham, and black-eyed peas for Wednesday. Then, when they least expect it, BAM! Doctor Who: Time of The Doctor. We can watch a man die together. And then glow. And then become Peter Capaldi.

Hiking - 0 of 4 considering doing this Wednesday morning.

Roleplaying - 1 of 5 hours.

Modding Minecraft - 0 of 10 hours. Completely forgot about this one. :(

Haven't heard back from the roof folks, so I'll have to call them up tomorrow to see what's going on.

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