Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Linkstorm: After Sulking at the Corner of Your Eye

The artist of Scandinavia and the World illustrated animal kingdom sexual dynamics if those people were humans. It's illuminating and the best example I've seen so far of representing how socially-constructed and rigidly-enforced gender roles are far more "unnatural" than banging another dude.

Afghanis are starting to train units to use women in night raids. Is this a thing? Was this a thing? Was one of the big elements holding us back in Afghanistan the fact that we weren't willing to give guns to women? #&*$ing really?! Then Af--"still heavily influenced by strict Islamic code of The Taliban"--ganistan does it? I hadn't realized until then that I'd always considered that if some of our open, democratic, tolerant culture rubbed off on the folks in Iraq and Afghanistan that it would in some small way begin to offset our fighting a war in their backyard. That makes getting upstaged by them on this front incredibly humbling. It should be a wake-up call for us to maybe hustle up on that cultural advancement a bit. It won't be, but it should.

After news agencies start speculating over Ashley Judd's appearance, she shot back, pointing out the obsessive, unprofessional treatment of women celebrities as commodities. It rings true.
5-real life sci-fi weapons. Ignoring how terrible every Yahoo news science article is, even the ones they get from the AP, all of these weapons are frightening. I'm not going to say that a vomit gun is any more a threat to free speech and peaceful protest than fire hoses, but a large amount of non-violent protest is based on the concept that others will empathize with the perceived power disparity whenever authorities use force against those who are acting peacefully. If you can flip a switch and turn dedicated protestors into docile loiterers who can be quietly lead into custody, then the ability of people to publicly criticize their government only exists as long as that switch is off. After watching Occupy Wall Street unfold last year, I'm pretty sure we aren't ready for any of these technologies.

Of course, we live in the highly civilized, trustworthy, and open first world...revelations about British rendition notwithstanding.

Maybe there's good news in China.

Nope. Still dicks.

Seriously. That sea boundary even looks like a tiny cock projected onto a massive scale.


SkilTao said...

Was wandering off the Animal Kingdom link in fruitless search of more Sexual Dynamics illustrations (didn't really believe the SatW gal had stopped at four or however many it was) when I came across this image. Was tempted to comment it on your Piebald video post because, hey, monkey on the album, but figured it was more appropriate to the content here than the content there.

As for the Afghanis using women on night raids... while going through a ~6 week backlog of New York Times articles, I read a piece about how native entrepreneurs (in maybe Kabul, more probably Baghdad) set up small telecommunications businesses in promisingly capitalistic competition after the Americans had cleared out the old regime's corrupt, nepotistic monopolies. Then in short order the Americans set up their own monopolies, killing the local spirt of entrepreneurship (and undermining American sincerity toward capitalism). with the Afghani women, if the goal is to instill some of our ideology, I'm not sure that we *are* getting upstaged. Isn't the basic idea that folks use it to solve problems on their own, without coaching, so they accept the associated cultural changes as both necessary and as their own will?

Ashley Judd was adorable in Star Trek. Can't say I've seen anything she's been in since, but it's always nice to hear an actress speak against Hollywood women getting turned into Barbie dolls. (Women as objects. Is comparing this to Af--"still heavily influenced by strict Islamic code of The Taliban"--ganistan cliche yet?)

Trying to make joke about inuring the population to the speech-jammer's effects, while simultaneously improving our collective cinema experience, by installing it in movie theaters. But can't make joke, I just really want a shot, lots of shots, at experiencing that speech jammer. I'm fascinated with how your own perception can screw with your own perception. Plus, unlike the other four weapons, it doesn't cause injury and actually sounds beatable.

(...I also want a shot at the pain laser.)

VanVelding said...

For wanting a shot at overcoming your biological limitations, you earn all of your man-cards and a few of some other peoples' as well.

But yeah, I always want us to be better and I'm always disappointed when we just end up a bit too close to some of world's bigger douchebags and no one else seems to mind. Thanks.