Monday, April 16, 2012

It's the Magic: We Still Do This, Right?

I haven't had a lot of time to go to Friday Night Magic lately--okay, no more lies. I've been too lazy/schooly/relationshippy for that lately, but now that the relationshippy bit is out, it's the fire and ice combo of laziness and responsibility compromising the quality of something something I made Magic cards!


I don't know guys, did I made the inspiration for this card too subtle? Terry and I have been working on an MTG-RPG-slash/and/or-campaign-system and we've been brainstorming plane ideas. One of our sources of inspiration was trying to figure out what plane the titans came from. That got me thinking about how they're unlike any other giants I've seen and conjecturing about external causes. A "Titan Makeover" enchant is a natural way to go with it. I like Entropic Mantle because it has an enters the battlefield trigger and an attack trigger, which parallels the real titans while falling just short of mythic.

Sadly, the creature just derps for a turn with summoning sickness, just waiting to get removed, and I didn't have enough space to add a few lines to revert the enchantment if it died. Restrictions breed creativity, right?
Blink Cat is in your hand, your library, your graveyard, the battlefield, exile, the stack, and the command zone. If Blink Cat would be moved to another zone, it remains in all of those zones. If an effect would change the zone it is in after this effect (such as drawing it from your library, exiling it from your graveyard, casting it from your hand, etc) nothing happens instead. You cannot exile, discard, return it to your hand, or otherwise change its zone to pay a cost. Blink Cat is always the bottom card of the stack. If Blink Cat is the only spell in the stack, play continues as though it is not on the stack. It does not resolve and is only considered to have been cast on the initial turn you cast it. Blink Cat counts as a card in your hand for the purposes of determining your hand size. Blink Cat may be controlled by another player. It is recommended that you place a proxy card into your deck to act as Blink Cat for the purposes of randomly determining cards from your library to change zones. 

If the top card of your library would be put into another zone, but it's a Blink Cat proxy, it is revealed, instead nothing happens, and the Blink Cat proxy is put back on top of your deck. This means that you will not put a card into your hand during your draw step as long as Blink Cat is on top of your library. Nor may you draw past Blink Cat with multiple draws, as individual draws will only draw Blink Cat, fail to move it, and then attempt subsequent draws with the same result. Putting the top cards of your library into your graveyard will not work either, as attempting to put just the top card of your library into your graveyard will reveal, but not move Blink Cat. Putting the top X cards of your library into your graveyard with a single effect (like Glimpse the Unthinkable) will check the top X cards of your library, move all of those which aren't Blink Cat to your library, then leave the Blink Cat on top.

If cards which are not looked at are revealed are moved from a zone with a Blink Cat proxy to another zone without being looked at or revealed (with effects such as those of Moonring Mirror or Necropotence), before that zone's owner subsequently interacts with the first zone (by drawing a card from your library, for example), they search that zone to confirm the Blink Cat Proxy's presence in the following manner: The player removes any pre-arranged cards (via effects such as scrying or Enigma Sphinx) from that zone face-down, publicly noting their position, randomizes another proxy into that zone(if necessary), searches that zone for the proxy, adds a new Blink Cat proxy if necessary, randomizes that zone, and replaces the pre-arranged cards into their correct position. When the Blink Cat proxy that should have not changed zones is revealed to a player, that player reveals it to all players and--if it hasn't been replaced with another proxy--returns it to its original zone. Otherwise, it is removed from the game (not exiled. Literally on the sideboard or something with the rest of the tokens and proxies until someone else tries moving cards discretely between zones.). If a proxy that has wrongly changed zones would be put into your hand, it is revealed and moved as normal, but you do not get a replacement card (for example, if you exiled it with Necropotence.).

Blink Cat is in the Command Zone, but is not an emblem and is not a commander.

Too much explanation text to put anything else here.
The thought of a creature that isn't susceptible to mass removal is a pretty simple one. The synergy with white mass removal works great. Of course, cards like Haze Frog and Martial Coup that affect "other creatures," might cause some bumps. Heck, even Fog is spotty, given that it affects combat damage, not creatures.

I think last week was the first time I missed an It's the Magic update, which had the longest unbroken streak for all my features. Oh well.

Part of that is because I lost the notes I had on my draft at Heroes & Fantasies and forgot everything I hadn't written down. I might have to go back this Friday, and start from scratch on the game report. I'm not complaining about that; it was a lot of fun and I do love drafting...and also new cards. Skipping the Friday Night Magics is rough though; it's a good opportunity to network, especially now that I've been out of a job for so long. I'm at a point in my life where I'd rather get an "in" at a decent job through a guy I met playing Magic than get a shitty job on my own merits. There's more than one way to make money from Magic, I guess. Other than literally Making Magic.

And winning tournaments.

And really good speculation.

So, maybe four ways.
Violates rule 303.4d. Just about all of it. No. All of it.

This Week's Best Thing Ever
We did a four-way multiplayer game this weekend. My Deadpool deck managed to Wheel of Fortune, Burning Inquiry, Hive Mind, Dragon Mage, and Jace's Archivist its way to victory while landing a Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar to keep me from dying to my own shenanigans. It was a textbook win, but more importantly, everyone had fun.

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends too.

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