Sunday, March 11, 2012

Linkstorm: Big Wins for Order, but Just for Order

Since Massive Mass Effect Week is starting tomorrow, and all my links will be out of date by next week. This is getting done on Monday.

Some of Anonymous got caught by the FBI lately after one of their own members flipped. In addition, wikileaks' activities have lost it a lot of friends.

In a similar vein:

I'm sure the sound jammer is something Putin, or--y'know, anyone who would rather silence the people they don't want to hear--would want right now.

I had more here, but Colbert says it all. After Kony has been stopped, maybe we can ask our elected leaders to pass a consolidated bill to define when The War on Terror is over and what bills and procedures are going to be abandoned when that happens. At the very least, it might amuse them.

At least New Jersey seems uncomfortable with The New York Police Department's methods of investigating...all Muslims they can investigate.

I know, I know; it's all very depressing, but it gets worse: some rich people are sad that they're slightly less rich than they were.

It's so unfair! After all, these are the rich people who would--given a choice--hire American workers to make our economy work. Provided that Americans are willing to work for $0.85/hr, work seventeen hrs a day, six days a week, have no days off for vacation and live in a closet at our place of work. I'm sure Annie George would've hired an American if anyone in America was willing to work hard for the fair pay she was offering, or if there were even one American who didn't feel that they were above doing housework for money.

So, um, there's also a Star Wars thing and a Star Trek thing, but they seem kind of stupid now.

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