Friday, March 30, 2012

Star Trek: Dream Crew Bios

A few months ago, I did a blog series on my Star Trek Dream Crew (here and here). Then, at Skiltao's suggestion, I did a bit on my least favorite crew to act as a foil for them, even going so far as to do write ups for this evil, bizarro crew (Pt 1 & Pt 2). I've finally decided to write down the bios for the "good" crew.

The crew are non-Federation, with some conflict in the past having recently forged a trivial stellar nation with a handful of second-class vessels to undertake border defense, official transportation, keeping order, and exploration. Caretaker is a second-hand Star Fleet Nebula class vessel.

CO: CAPT Chakotay (post-Voyager)
XO/Science: CDR Nyota Uhura (post-TOS)
Ops: LCDR Natasha Yar (post-TNG, didn’t die)
Tactical: LCDR Tuvok (pre-Voyager)
Engineering: LT Scott (pre-TOS)
Medical: LT Katherine Pulaski (pre-TNG)
Conn: ENS Ro Laren (pre-Maquis)
Other: Elim Garak (pre-DS9)

Chakotay's long fight for independence didn't go unrewarded. His nascent Star Fleet training and time on the front-lines make him an excellent commander, though he's wary of the intentions of the new government. He isn't sure if the back room deals and moral compromises are necessary evils or signs that opportunists have hijacked his dream. His position as captain forces him to hide his doubts in front of his crew.

Nyota Uhura spent most of the rebellion on a Starfleet outpost, one which served as an encrypted relay for the various Independent Fleets. While Nyota never acknowledged her hand in the encryption, she has unparalleled skills with computers and encryption and opted to stay behind when the area became independent. She openly enjoys her recently-gained authority, and some whisper that she doesn't deserve it, but there are few on board Caretaker that don't take to her friendly, relaxed demeanor.

Natasha Yar's idealism puts her at odds with the more pragmatic members of the crew. While she's not chief of security, she is known to stand up for those she feels are being abused or treated unfairly, much to her commanders' consternation. Despite her previous commanders' satisfaction with her performance, keeping her out of trouble in a time of peace promises to be a challenge.

Tuvok sees himself as the voice of reason on a ship of humans just crazy enough to fight two powers with a cobbled together fleet of ships, and win. He has a wife and kids whose freedom he fought for and a whole crew of insane humans (and a Bajoran) which he feels needs constant supervision to prevent regular interstellar incidents.

Montgomery Scott is a young, but talented engineer recruited from a civilian power station to serve on a star ship. He's considered privileged because he comes from Earth, but his loyalty to the new government is beyond reproach. Much of his off time is spent studying, while he's a talented engineer, he's never above learning more about his craft.

Katherine Pulaski never believed in the rebels, but her home and family now exist in a new space and she's resigned from Star Fleet to protect them on board Caretaker. A promising young doctor before, the lack of trained medical personnel has catapulted her slightly out of her league in her first Chief Medical Officer assignment. None the less, she maintains a brusque, confident demeanor. 

Ro Laren was court martialed for the incident on Garon II, though she managed to still foment pro-rebellion activity--however muted. Because of her openly held sympathies she was given the opportunity to be a part of the new government when the fighting was over. She took it, if only to tell the people who won the war how they fought it wrong.

While Captain Chakotay's service earned him a handpicked crew, Elim Garak is the exception. A Cardassian appointed by the coalition government, he is ostensibly a Diplomatic Officer, but his obscured past, enigmatic ways, and bevy of unique talents leave most of the command staff uncomfortable with him. The rest of the crew adore him for his charisma and affable demeanor. Behind closed doors, a tenacious compassionate streak taints most of his covert activities.

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