Monday, December 05, 2011

Linkstorm: It Gets Less Political. Promise.

Jon Huntsman isn't crazy. He realizes Republicans need to face facts on science. He's not calling for the dismantling of federal regulatory agencies simply so that he can make more money hand over fist. He's pro-second amendment, pro-life with the standard exceptions and fully supports civil unions. He is still a politician, and is thusly slippery, non-committal, and often says nothing, but he's better than the alternatives. If Bachmann, Cain[1], Perry, and Gingrich can be frontrunners, Huntsman at least deserves some limelight. He has the potential to be unifying instead of polarizing. But hey, it's probably going to be Romney anyway. I don't mind that actually, so long as they make his biopic soon enough for Bruce Campbell to get the lead role[2].

I actually only bring this up because I have a tab open for his donations page, but I'm not certain on whether or not it's worth it. I do like him (if you hadn't guessed) and he needs the money (his dad actually dropped a load of cash into his campaign, which is embarrassing and gives a pretty bad impression). At the same time, I have to ask if its worth the effort the minimal (easily forgettable) indecision I've had over this has given me ideas for the novel[3], so it's not a total waste.

CNN has  list of things that Teachers Want To Tell Parents. It's pretty good.

Mark Rosewater, the lead developer and...frontman, I guess, for Magic put up a pair of articles where he breaks down the ten things games need to be successful (Part I, Part II).

An old Duke Nukem announcement. Still funny.

A pair of women do an awesome thing and cosplay as Daria and Jane.

Speaking of awesome cosplay:

The little girl who swore fealty to The Dark Side gets a follow-up. If you ever wonder what happens to internet celebrities of the minute...well, sometimes they're celebrities for another minute or so. Mystery solved.

Speaking of things from the past, mixes the internet's omnipresent 80's nostalgia with Carl Sagan.

Stan Lee is attached to this. There are not enough drugs in the world for this to have been anticipated.

Of course, no list of strange videos would be complete without Japan.
Yes. This means that robots will even take the jobs of homeless people. The Ro-pocalypse will be economic in nature an utterly ruthless. (via io9)

Though, I'd gladly trade a believable, if unenviable, future for one with dancing Transformers. [Obligatory Michael Bay joke here. Because people expect it, but also because it's a good segue.]

Speaking of Michael Bay, io9 sets their sights on putting him to good use instead of disparaging him. That's dedication to conservation, folks.

Phoenix Jones is cleared of charges. Sadly, he remains unmasked and fired. :(

For those of you tired of partisanship and ineffectualness in the government, here's an example of government at least accepting that ineffectualness in a bipartisan manner.

I  know it's from a week better forgotten, but a while back, I talked about the future, but this io9 article makes me feel less crazy about my concerns for the future.

Ralph Steadman, famous for his illustrations for the work of Hunter S. Thompson, did some art for Alice in Wonderland. It's not my thing, but it's linked for the first comment.

People like Neil Gaiman, right?

You might think Neil Gaiman is kind if queasy, but according to io9 there are people afraid of logos, so that kind of makes the Neverwhere author look like the baseline. I'm cool with that; after all, it makes my scant heroism seem positively biblical in relation.

Then there's this,
and my only response is
...or not.
so maybe not.
[1] Jesus, Hermain Cain resigned while I was writing this, saving me the effort of trying to find a single you tube video which contained all of the sexual harassment and infidelity accusations against him. Thanks Herman Cain!
[2] Yeah, I'm probably the first nerd on the internet to realize they kinda look alike[4].
[3] I'm the kind of guy who talks about his unpublished novel that he only occasionally works on. That's me now. Sorry.
[4] Google auto-completes that search.

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