Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Timewalking Archive Trap: Nerd Points

TrackerMoonl: What did yall talk about?
VanVelding: Dukat, initially.
VanVelding: The badguy from DS9.
VanVelding: I'm like, "everyone has a stake in kicking his ass at the end."
VanVelding: Relatively speaking, Sisko was indifferent towards the bastard.
VanVelding: Their only beef was professional. Sisko was Jesus, and Dukat was that kid from The Omen.

TrackerMoonl: Thats cause Sisko is badassVanVelding: Anyway, I'm like, "Kira hates him for obvious reasons."
VanVelding: Terry:*Ticking things off on his fingers* "What for conquering her planet, subjugating her people, executing hundreds of innocents at the smallest sign of resistance, and fucking her mom?... But they did get along when he stood up for his daughter and lost his status in Cardassian society for it. They got along then...Breakfast with Hitler!"
VanVelding: Me: "Bah! That was half a season interegnum at best. The second occupation got rid of that. Anyway, Garak wants him dead..."
VanVelding: Me: "Alright, I guess it was just Garak and Kira who wanted to kill him...though he did aggravate Bashir once."
VanVelding: Terry: "Uh, Worf?"
VanVelding: Me: "Why Worf?"
VanVelding: Terry: "...Uh, Dax, 'Oh noes! Gul Dukat!' Dukat, 'Burn! I'm evil now!' Dax, 'Oh noes! I'm dead-ed!'"
TrackerMoonl: lol
VanVelding: Me: "Oh, yes, wife killing. Klingons do tend to take that personally."
TrackerMoonl: Yeah lol
VanVelding: The conversation goes on....
VanVelding: Me: "As it was, Sisko got to kill him. I can see the scene now...*40 Years After Sisko Dissappears* Sisko returns to DS9. There, waiting for him are his comrades from decades past and a throng of eager Bajoran peoples. Worf steps forward and cold-cocks the emissary, 'HE WAS MINE!!!!!!'"
VanVelding: Terry: "As it was, Dukat just ended up burning in agony, forever undead, and surrounded by evil spirits. I'm sure that has to be worse than anything a Klingon can do."
VanVelding: Me: "Unless he was on Borath, the Klingon monastery planet."
VanVelding: Terry: "Yeah, but they mention that what, once in The Next Generation?" Me: "Nope, it's where Worf was between the first Next Generation movie and Deep Space Nine"
VanVelding: "...he was so lost without a chain of command constantly belittling him and undermining his self-confidence, that he had to go to a religious retreat."
TrackerMoonl: Dood, if Dukat was under Klingon control at the end of the series it would have made him being undead with evil spirits look like a day in the shade.
VanVelding: Sadly, the Klingons would have just killed him.
VanVelding: They may have killed him via single combat....with a spoon.
VanVelding: ....yeah, I think you're right about that one.
VanVelding: The Klingons are probably the only race to have a referee for their death penalty.
VanVelding: :-)
TrackerMoonl: Aye lol
VanVelding: ...sooooo.
VanVelding: One sec. Lost my place in the story...
VanVelding: Me: "Sisko, 'The Captain of the Venture is a friend of mine, I'll ask him if he has a need of a lieutenant commander.' Worf: 'Will he undercut my self-esteem?' Sisko: 'No, he won't.' Worf: 'Perhaps that will not be necessary...' "
VanVelding: Me (explaining, because it's a pretty obscure quote because I've seen that episode 15 times): "Worf chose to stay on DS9 instead of going back out to Star Fleet. I guess since there were Klingons around the station now, it was only honorable for him to stay around and slaughter them."
VanVelding: Terry: "The Klingons are a worthy enemy."
VanVelding: Me: "Indeed they are The Empire's oldest, and most formidable enemy."
VanVelding: Terry: "Once they conquer all of the other races, they'll grind the Klingons into dust."
VanVelding: Me: "For the honor of the Klingon Empire!"
VanVelding: Terry(Klingon voice): "Well, we've beaten all of the lesser races. Time to kill all the Klingons!"
VanVelding: Me(Federation-guy voice): But you never beat the Federation. (Klingon voice) "Ha-ha-ha! Interstellar Chess Tournament of 2377! The Klingon Empire defeated all comers!" (Federation voice) "But those were all Klingons with cybernetic brains! They were all disqualified!" (Klingon voice, rather quick) "It does not matter! Time to kill all Klingons!"

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