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TRO: 3087 - Exodus

3087 is a Battletech alternate universe where The Jihad never happened. Instead, political fracturing continues in the wake of the technological and military upheavals of the 3050's. Its history is told through the pages and designs of TRO: 3087. With any luck this series will be the last anyone hears about 3087.

EXD-2OG Exodus
The Exodus seems to have been made to replace similar units like the Blood Kite, Savage Coyote, and Stone Rhino, slow assault ‘Mechs driven to extinction with their Clans. The Ghost Bears had already noticed the drop-off in machines who devoted most of their tonnage to weapons and began preparing the Exodus prototypes in the late 3060’s.
The new assault underwent trials by fire in the second Combine-Ghost Bear War. Its deployment scaled from small, purpose-built binaries to becoming a full-on command ‘Mech by the close of the war. It’s been a backbone of the Bears’ slower formation tactics ever since.

The Exodus was being tested while the Ghost Bears were on the fence regarding a tectonic shift in their combat doctrine from fast, flexible units to hearty, defensive units. It was favored by both sides of that rift. Obviously, its role as a glacial weapons platform was favored by the latter. However, a bottom-up aerial design and a series of armored drag fins made it an excellent unit for deployment from dropships in flight, so much so that Exodus-led units have become known as aerial cavalry amongst both Clan and Inner Sphere Ghost Bear units.
A series of additional omni components are also being implemented with the Exodus, called the first of the C2-type omni units. The cockpit of the Exodus--and future C2 OmniMechs--can can be replaced with one of three C&C pods: standard, small, or hardened.
When it mounts jump jets, the Exodus’ aerodynamics and jump jets make it accurate enough to land on a specific building, but powerful enough to land on a BattleMech. It’s second only to the Highlander as the assault ‘Mech most feared for its “death from above” attack.

Battle History
Both the Ghost Bears’ 5th Regulars and the Free Rasalhague 2nd Freemen dropped onto Galedon V during the second Combine/Ghost Bear War to avenge Nova Cat raids and end the crumbling Clan’s threat once and for all.
The Combine then swung in with two ad hoc regiments, determined to end the Nova Cat threat and bloody the Ghost Bears. The Combine won the skies and for two months they hounded the remnants of the Ghost Bear forces on-planet.
The Ghost Bear forces were scattered and a freshly-blooded young trueborn named Unni was left without a chain of command in his new Exodus. Because of the limited supply of pods, his Exodus was equipped with a hardened cockpit, which protected him when the intense fighting released the Curse of Galedon, a long-hidden biological weapon.
It took two months, but from the safety of his cockpit Unni, “The Coward of Galedon,” rallied Ghost Bear forces, destroyed the last of the Nova Cats, and pulled his forces off-world before the Combine purged the world.
Lieutenant Colonel Unni Ghostbear has since been placed in charge of the 2701st, an Inner Sphere formation testing the feasibility of freebirth and trueborn warriors of the Ghost Bears fighting together.

The Intercourse configuration carries four ultra autocannons, reminding many of the popular Annihilator battlemech. The Exodus Intercourse is superior because of its ability to carry a dozen short range missiles and an anti-missile system to capitalize on armor damage caused by the four cannons as well as to address infantry and vehicle threats.
Now known as the Unni, the Standoff mixes missiles, gauss rifles, and a ppc to deadly effect. Many consider it hobbled because of its heavy cockpit and excessive ammunition loads, but the Unni is a reliable performer that has staying power against Inner Sphere forces accustomed to Clan forces which falter in a protracted engagement.
Believed to be a "punishment configuration,” the Encounter doesn't stand alone well. Over ninety missiles and paired plasma cannons make it a competent support unit, but abysmal for glorious front-line work or duels. A trio of jump jets help it overcome its speed to be where it's needed most.
The Grand Maul is rarely seen on the battlefield against the Inner Sphere. It’s affectionately called “The Hedgehog” because of the blistering rays of light its eight pulse lasers can create and because its cramped cockpit makes it relatively easy to overturn. A trio of extended range lasers and an ERPPC seem superfluous, though the cannon seems to be interlocked with one of the extended range lasers to prevent both from firing at the same time. The configuration's only non-energy weapon is an SRM 6, no doubt for dealing with slower, larger foes who demand additional, close-in firepower.

EXD-2OG Exodus
Type/Model:    Exodus EXD-2OG
Tech:          Clan / 3068
Config:        Biped OmniMech
Manufactured:  Ghost Bear Republic
Ghost Bear Republic (Common)

Mass:          95 tons
Equipment:              Crits     Mass
Int. Struct.:               7     5.00
(Loc: 1 CT, 1 LT, 1 RT,
1 LA, 1 RA, 1 LL, 1 RL) 145 points
Engine:285    Fusion XL    10     8.50
 Walking MP:   3
 Running MP:   5
 Jumping MP:   0
Heat Sinks: 11 Double       0     1.00
Gyro:                       4     3.00
Actuators:                 12     0.00
L: Sh+UA       R: Sh+UA
Armor Factor:  104 pts Std  0     6.50

      Internal Structure  Armor Value
Head:                  3      9      
Center Torso:         30     47     
Center Torso (Rear):         12
L/R Side Torso:       20    30/30
L/R Side Torso (Rear):      10/10
L/R Arm:              16    31/31
L/R Leg:              20    39/39

Weapons and Equipment Loc  Crits  Tons
Intercourse Configuration
Streak SRM-4           CT    1     2.00
Ultra AC/10            RT    4    10.00
Ultra AC/10            LT    4    10.00
Ultra AC/10            RA    4    10.00
Anti-Missile System    RA    1     0.50
Ultra AC/10            LA    4    10.00
Streak SRM-4           RL    1     2.00
Streak SRM-4           LL    1     2.00
@Streak SRM-4 (25)     HD    1     1.00
@Ultra AC/10 (20)      RT    2     2.00
@Ultra AC/10 (20)      LT    2     2.00
@Ultra AC/10 (20)      RA    2     2.00
@Anti-Missile ... (24) RA    1     1.00
@Ultra AC/10 (20)      LA    2     2.00
Cockpit                HD    5     3.00
Crits & Tons Left:         10     0.0

Unni Configuration
LRM-10                 LA    1     2.50
ER PPC                 RT    2     6.00
LRM-10                 RT    1     2.50
Targeting Computer     RT    6     6.00
LRM-10                 LT    1     2.50
Gauss Rifle            RA    6    12.00
Gauss Rifle            LA    6    12.00
@LRM-10 (12)           CT    1     1.00
@LRM-10 (24)           LT    2     2.00
@Gauss Rifle (8)       RA    1     1.00
@Gauss Rifle (8)       LA    1     1.00
@LRM-10 (12)           LA    1     1.00
@Gauss Rifle (8)       RL    1     1.00
@Gauss Rifle (8)       LL    1     1.00
Hardened Cockpit       HD    6     4.00
Double Heat Sink       LT    6     3.00
Double Heat Sink       RA    2     1.00
Crits & Tons Left:          0     0.0

Encounter Configuration
ECM Suite              HD    1     1.00
Plasma Cannon          RT    1     3.00
Streak SRM-4           RT    1     2.00
Targeting Computer     RT    2     2.00

Plasma Cannon          LT    1     3.00
2 LRM-15s              RA    4     7.00
2 LRM-10s              RA    2     5.00
2 LRM-15s              LA    4     7.00
LRM-10                 LA    1     2.50
Plasma Cannon          LA    1     3.00
@LRM-10 (12)           RT    1     1.00
@Plasma Cannon (10)    RT    1     1.00
@Streak SRM-4 (25)     RT    1     1.00
@LRM-15 (16)           LT    2     2.00
@Plasma Cannon (10)    LT    1     1.00
@LRM-15 (16)           RA    2     2.00
@LRM-10 (12)           RA    1     1.00
@LRM-15 (8)            LA    1     1.00
@LRM-10 (12)           LA    1     1.00
@Plasma Cannon (10)    LA    1     1.00
Jump Jet               CT    1     2.00
Jump Jet               LL    1     2.00
Jump Jet               RL    1     2.00
Double Heat Sink       LT    4     2.00
Double Heat Sink       RT    2     1.00
Cockpit                HD    5     3.00
Crits & Tons Left:          1     0.0

Grand Maul Configuration
SRM-6                  HD    1     1.50
ER Large Laser         CT    1     4.00
2 Medium Pulse Lasers  RT    2     4.00
Small Pulse Laser      LT    1     1.00
Large Pulse Laser      LT    2     6.00
ER PPC                 RA    2     6.00
ER Large Laser         RA    1     4.00
2 Medium Pulse Lasers  RA    2     4.00
ER PPC                 LA    2     6.00
ER Large Laser         LA    1     4.00
Medium Pulse Laser     RL    1     2.00
Medium Pulse Laser     LL    1     2.00
@SRM-6 (15)            RT    1     1.00
Double Heat Sink       LT    6     3.00
Double Heat Sink       RT    6     3.00
Double Heat Sink       LA    6     3.00
Double Heat Sink       RA    4     2.00
Small Cockpit          HD    4     2.00
Crits & Tons Left:          0     0.0

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