Thursday, August 25, 2016

17 to 01: The Savage Curtain

So all of this. I enthusiastically don't hate this episode? That's the best I can say about it.

Does anyone want my spec script for Crank 3: Executive Pugilism: Lincoln vs Hitler (Jason Statham plays both roles)? It's like, 90 pages straight. No dialogue. Statham assures me he can deliver witty one-liners with his eyebrows.

Also, Kahless created the culture of honor which Klingons maintain to this day. I think this is my last good run of "Derek doesn't know" Star Trek references. Once we get into the movies so many things become canonized and quotable. 

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SkilTao said...

"We met Methuselah last week, but this CANNOT POSSIBLY be Lincoln!"
-if it's silly for Kirk to idolize Lincoln, then is Spock's idolization of Surak equally silly; or, if the Vulcan idolization of Surak makes sense given Vulcan culture and history, would that imply that the cultural and historical context surrounding the founding of the Federation parallels a mythologized American Civil War? Or should I just assume that because Roddenbery.
-PS: 50/50 odds that Methusaleh was also Lincoln.

oh my god Scotty's whiskey slide rule makes so much sense

The whole "let's walk into this trap" and "let's do all our exploring in pajamas" would make sense if there were hordes more pajama'd humans following in a column, ready to carry onward in their place.

Rock creature from Galaxy Quest!

Heh, Derek calls the ep fanfic-ish, and then to fix the ep he subconsciously channels Futurama's "Where No Fan Has Gone Before."

Colonel Green looks like an evil astronaut from evil NASA. Or, a bit like the treacherous scientist from Lost In Space.

While you make a good point about how Team Evil shouldn't represent the concepts of cooperation and teamwork, I like that they took the "evil is efficient" trope over the "evil defeats itself" trope.

Huh, Lincoln rescuing Surak and Kahless' mimicry, they totally used that in Predators. Wonder how many other scenes from that movie are callbacks.

Derek's "you'd expect this Janice Lester to be in the picture" was an unexpected insight. I'm almost amazed that he didn't take that insight to the next level. (Not because it's obvious, but because he's been so on-target in other previews).

VanVelding said...

Hordes of Pajamaed Humans would be cool name for a space exploration roguelike.

It's Doctor Smith, and yeah...Colonel Green is kinda reminiscent of Dr. Smith. More likable, but yeah.

Derek is scary-prescient about stuff. I mean, his schema are built on the pop culture that was influenced heavily by Star Trek, but it's still scary how close he gets sometimes.