Thursday, August 18, 2016

17 to 01: Requiem for Methuselah

More important than Derek's scathing rebukes of Highlander is the fact that this is my best sacrilegious joke. I'm never gonna do better. I've peaked.

Salvador Dali was also alive when this episode was aired. It's a shame for a responsible homosexual to admit it, but I'm not up on Wilde. That said, I know my internet quotes. The movie Derek is talking about is--I think--Ex Machina

Me? I'm takin' cheap shots at Watchmen.

So what is the verdict on Vulcans and art? Is art emotional or intellectual?

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SkilTao said...

Art is a controlled stimulation; passion in measured doses. It's not a question of emotion or intellect, it's emotion mastered by intellect, which seems very much in line with Vulcan aesthetics.

Kirk threatens to violate the rights of a Federation resident in order to save his crew because of course why not.

Y'all preempted my "only Kirk can make a woman feel alive!" jokes, sooooo how 'bout that ritalin? They're solving a plague with ritalin? (Also: "Come away with me, on my plague ship!")

When the fembot walked past Kirk up to the blank wall, I was definitely getting a "Bluebeard's wife and forbidden door" vibe. Which sort of works with the bodies lying in that room. You guys started talking about how to flip the fembot plot, and I was thinking "you could insert the Scotty/Kirk Minuet bit here!," but keeping Methusaleh in the picture at all would probably turn it into "The Doctor's Wife" ep of Matt Smith's Doctor Who. Which is good, but already exists.

Final scene- good call on Spock doing those things McCoy listed. It's easy to criticize McCoy here, so I'm-a grab that low hanging fruit with both hands and say damnit McCoy, you were there at his damn wedding. Also: does Spock induce amnesia because he's Kirk's friend, oooorrrrrr (remember the goatee-verse) because he doesn't want to leave the cushier First Officer job to take over as captain?

VanVelding said...

Ah, I really like that take on the art angle. Mostly because it agrees with me, but also because it's better than anything Derek or I put forward.

I'd never heard of Bluebeard's wife, but I can definitely see the similarities.

I never thought about his reluctance to be captain factoring into his decision. Spock's years on the Enterprise might be the first time he was really happy. It might be more an effort to maintain the status quo than anything else. Jim Kirk might be his ray of sunshine and he'll wreck anyone he has to to keep Jim shining, even Jim.

SkilTao said...

I wasn't seriously suggesting it, but that's a good point about his time on the Enterprise, and possibly the most succinct character bio one can write for Spock.