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TRO: 3087 - Shaman

3087 is a Battletech alternate universe where The Jihad never happened. Instead, political fracturing continues in the wake of the technological and military upheavals of the 3050's. Its history is told through the pages and designs of TRO: 3087. With any luck this series will be the last anyone hears about 3087.  

    When Black Dragon forces started another war with Clan Ghost Bear in 3068, they expected their disparate forces to roll over the Clanners as easily as the Star League Defense Force had defeated Clan Smoke Jaguar seven years previous.
    Instead, they found a Touman ready for a fight, with new weapons, new tactics, and new ‘Mechs. The Clan had to overcome its preference for slow adaptation as The Second Combine-Ghost Bear War forced it to choose between abandoning massive reforms wholesale or embracing them.
    While still utilizing fast, hard-hitting units, the Shaman is the second of a new generation of lighter, heartier ‘Mechs made to go up against the Inner Sphere. As a small, cost-effective unit, the omnipresent Shaman has come to overshadow the Ursus as the representative of those changes.
    It has fought in every major engagement between the Ghost Bears and the Draconis Combine over the past 19 years. Never a favorite with MechWarriors, it’s beloved by everyone from Star Commanders to Khans.

    The Shaman performs adequately as a scout when up against forces of the Draconis Combine. Even when it finds itself run to ground it can often muster up enough firepower to discourage pursuit.
    Its primary role is often as small-scale fire support. Over half of its tonnage is dedicated to weaponry and each of its configurations allow it to dedicate that firepower to a singular purpose.
    Many pilots complain about the stripped-down cockpit and the Shaman’s difficulties carrying out extended missions has been a problem, but its performance has so far forestalled any redesigns.

Battle History
    An uprising of locals on Matamoras in 3085 gathered a handful of vehicles, infantry gear, and ‘Mechs. They conducted a few raids against the Ghost Bear Republic garrison forces before the government could organize a proper response.
    Star Captain Georg bid to put down the rebels with a trinary; an absurdly large bid for for second-rate machines in the hands of green rebels. To win the bidding he also promised an end to all rebel activity on Matamoras. He was granted the mission with an understanding his future as a warrior was at stake.
    Georg’s Stars harassed the rebels into White Valley, the site of a small settlement on a lazy river. The rebels occupied the site and as the siege carried on for two weeks, they ate the locals out of house and home before they began executing them in the streets.
    At dawn the next day, a Star of Shamans marched up the river from the east, carrying a Star of Elementals. The “line of death” never slowed as it obliterated scattered rebel units before it. In the village itself, they deployed their battle armor to defend the citizens while the rebels attempted to use them as human shields or hostages.
    Battle ROMs of the fight spread quickly across Matamoras and other Ghost Bear Republic worlds, featuring an indomitable line of Shamans and Elementals placing themselves between civilians and rebel bullets. Uprisings across newly-acquired worlds dropped precipitously.

    The Prime configuration specializes in fire support with three medium lasers to eviscerate lighter ‘Mechs once its ammunition runs dry.
    The Overwatch configuration is designed for anti-aircraft, infantry, and vehicle operations. The LB-5X autocannon creates flack as well as it troubles vulnerable vehicles. The array of pulse lasers and machine guns can scour an area of infantry quickly, especially with the help of its active probe.
    The Striker configuration centers around a pair of large, extended range lasers carried in the ‘Mech’s head. While it runs hot enough to make most pilots uncomfortable, better MechWarriors focus on using the head as a turret and leveraging the advanced targeting computer to make long-range shots of uncanny accuracy.
    The final configuration is based on accurate missile fire from Artemis IV-assisted long range missile racks and streak-capable short range missile. A pair of small lasers are mounted in the head in case an enemy isn’t destroyed by the missile fire.

SMN-3OG Shaman
Type/Model:    Shaman SMN-3OG
Tech:          Mixed / 3067
Config:        Biped OmniMech
Manufactured:  Ghost Bear Republic
  Ghost Bear Republic (Common)
  Clan Wolf (Uncommon)
  Draconis Combine (Rare)

Mass:          30 tons
Equipment:              Crits     Mass
Int. Struct.:               7     1.50
  (Loc: 4 LA, 3 RA) 33 points
Engine:150    Fusion XL(C) 10     3.00
   Walking MP:   8
   Running MP:   8
   Jumping MP:   0
Heat Sinks: 10 Double (C)   8     0.00
  (Loc: 2 LT, 2 RT)
Gyro:                       4     2.00
Cockpit:         Small      4     2.00
Actuators:                 12     0.00
  L: Sh+UA       R: Sh+UA
Armor Factor:               0     6.50
   104 pts

        Internal Structure  Armor Value
  Head:                  3      8     
  Center Torso:         10     15    
  Center Torso (Rear):          5
  L/R Side Torso:        7    10/10
  L/R Side Torso (Rear):       4/4
  L/R Arm:               5    10/10
  L/R Leg:               7    14/14

Weapons and Equipment Loc  Crits  Tons

Primary Configuration
Jump Jet               CT    1     0.50
Jump Jets              LL    2     1.00
Jump Jets              RL    2     1.00
2 ER Medium Lasers (C) HD    2     2.00
ER Medium Lasers (C)   CT    1     1.00
2 LRM 10s (C)          RT    2     5.00
Anti-Missile Sy... (C) LA    1     0.50
Ammunition (AMS) 24    LA    1     1.00
Ammunition (LRM-10) 36 RT    3     3.00
  Crits & Tons Left:        16     0.0

Overwatch Configuration
Active Probe           HD    1     1.00
ECM Suite              HD    1     1.00
2 Small Pulse L... (C) CT    2     2.00
2 ER Medium Lasers (C) LT    2     2.00
2 Machine Guns (C)     RA    2     0.50
LB 5-X AC (C)          LA    4     7.00
Ammunition (MG) 100    LA    1     0.50
Ammunition (Cluster)36 RT    1     1.00
  Crits & Tons Left:        17     0.0

Striker Configuration
Jump Jet               LT    1     0.50
Jump Jets              LL    2     1.00
Jump Jets              RL    2     1.00
Double Heat Sink (C)   RT    2     1.00
Double Heat Sink (C)   LT    2     1.00
2 ER Large Lasers (C)  HD    2     8.00
Targeting Computer (C) CT    2     2.00
Flamer (C)             RA    1     0.50
  Crits & Tons Left:        17     0.0

Claw Configuration
2 ER Small Lasers (C)  HD    2     1.00
LRM 10 (C)             CT    1     2.50
 Artemis IV FCS        CT    1     1.00
LRM 10 (C)             RT    1     2.50
 Artemis IV FCS        RT    1     1.00
Streak SRM 4 (C)       RA    1     2.00
Streak SRM 4 (C)       LA    1     2.00
Ammunition (LRM-10) 12 RT    1     1.00
Ammunition (LRM-10) 12 LT    1     1.00
Ammunition (SSRM-4) 25 LA    1     1.00
  Crits & Tons Left:        20     0.0

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