Monday, September 21, 2015

Ahmed Mohammed

Adults: “This generation of kids is just stupid and lazy.”

Kid: “Makes an electronic device because he loves learning.

Adults: “WhAt is thiS deviCe? HollywOod BoMB?! ARREST IT!!!1!!”

The real problems you have with “kids these days”:

Their lives are easier than yours were at the same age and you worried that all the suffering you’ve retroactively justified as “character-building” won’t be inflicted on them, when your alleged character determines which person is a human worthy of respect, opportunity, and basic fucking rights as a function of your mood.

You’re only used to exceptionalism and talent coming from very specific corners of society. When society quits patting white dicks on the back for existing and starts putting black folks in space, you think we’ve lost all sense of value.

You’ve kept your head down just turning a wheel until retirement and making sure your kids grow up to keep their heads down and find a wheel to turn until retirement. It must be a surprise when you’re forced to look up and realize there are children with an interest beyond that who’ve been learning about more than just surviving and that such knowledge confers power. Also surprising is the sudden realization that you can no longer tell diversion from danger.

Nothing kids can do this day can live up to your misremembered, rose-colored past.

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