Thursday, September 10, 2015

17 to 01: Catspaw (Season 2!)

When I said that "things get better" last week, I did not anticipate "Catspaw" being our first episode. Apparently the advanced future of humankind celebrates both Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Derek is happy that the crew of the Enterprise is finally acting like player characters. We learn that Doctor McCoy would turn on the crew in exchange for a world or pure imagination...and burbon.

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SkilTao said...

(In voice of Rocky & Bullwinkle's ep title announcer: "Today's exciting episode: Mantis Shrimp Try to Mindfuck Kirk or Fishy Thinking!" )

Intro sounds fine, outro sounds fine.

Assuming this is the ep Takei was away on a movie for, it makes sense that he'd take the part of a silent redshirt while Chekov gets Sulu's lines up on the command deck; no idea why DeSalle and Scotty would've been swapped.

I enjoy how thematic it is for the hole in that corridor to look more like the 'idea' of a hole than like an actual hole. If we can trust that the script knows that the characters are walking around in a dreamscape, then a lot of its bugs start to look like features; but it's hard to give the script that much credit.

New color shirt for rogues? But the rogue corp is just one guy! Alternatively (pedantically), Scotty is the rogue, because he enables/disables machinery and determines which paths are structurally safe, or Harry Mudd is the rogue, because who doesn't want to take a disreputable salesman through a technodungeon.

The woman's hair is as voluminous as the cat? Now picturing the cat sitting down, poofing out into the perm/wig, and the woman coalescing or rising into it out of the floor.

Kirk does seem pretty levelheaded and dispassionate in the face of this crewman's death. Almost like it's something he has to deal with regularly.

Kinda shocked that Kirk never tries to grab the woman's crystal pendant.

VanVelding said...

I like the theory on the hole. It makes a lot of sense.

Gods, Harry Mudd would be a great character to have along on a D&D adventure.