Thursday, August 27, 2015

17 to 01: The Paradise Syndrome

Derek is finally, truly happy about the away team composition. It'll probably be the last time. The Doctor McCoy Sleeper Agent theory gets a boost, we question what Kirk's love of Enterprise means, and we fanboy over Leonard Nimoy giving us an excellent wrecked Spock that should have won a something for this episode.

Emotional breakdowns, Spock: 2
Futurama references: 238

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SkilTao said...

It'd be a fun ep where Sulu armed with saber duels colloquial McCoy armed with mint julip.

The colonists remind of The Village from McGoohan's "The Prisoner." Why isn't *this* planet used as a Federation prison-planet?

Gorn sleeper agents!

Derek's "emotions = mana" hypothesis is good, will have to remember that.

Space elf sees space dragons in the clouds.

Did he uproot a tree and stick it crosswise between other trees, just so he'd have something to hang from?

That *IS* a good point, Kirk being angry when he's first hit with the spores.

Using soundwaves to get under peoples' skin: deliberate reference to the tactic attempted in... 'Nam? Korea? Also, I wonder how many of Kirk's crew died to that.

That plant *is* really good at sneaking around.

Theme of the episode: mistaking complacency for satisfaction? Pretty sure "life is pain" is a Bhuddist tenet, not sure what Eastern thought makes of a life without struggle.

VanVelding said...

From the number of times I've heard southerners say the phrase, "Spit fire and save the matches," I'm almost inclined to believe that McCoy would literally bust out fire breath.

Damn, I'd pay for some space dragons. Did Star Trek ever have space dragons?

I assume anyone seriously hurt in the thing would be fixed up by Doctor McCoooooh fuck.

I don't know about Bhuddist views on a conflict-free life and--because Derek isn't even aware I still use this blog--I'm not 100% that he does either.

"The Prisoner"? Not sure I've ever seen it. ;)

SkilTao said...

Heh. Danger Man, yet?

I think the closest Star Trek gets to space dragons are the re-imagined Gorn from the final goatee-universe eps of ST:Enterprise.

VanVelding said...

I saw that one! That was a spry, CGI lizard guy.