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Battletech Heaps: Compact Heat Sinks

Whether it's for nostalgia or novelty, Wednesdays are the days that I put up old Battletech house rules I created nigh on 10 years ago. For those of you who aren't familiar with the (in)famous, addictive board game of armored combat, I'll add some context, but know that you should abandon all non-courier fonts, ye who enter here.
Mathematical Heat Sinks
I'll be honest; I'm not 100% sure on the origins of this. I'm playing archaeological custom gear and analysis on this one; I just found some tables and notes in my archives. 

It seems like I just ran an analysis of heat sinks, found an extension of the pattern, and then created a piece of equipment to fill it out. Maybe I was baffled at the incredibly narrow niche of compact heat sinks.

Heat Sinks
Type            Tons Heat Crits   Analysis:
Single(SHS)      1.0  1.0  1.0     'k
Double(DHS)      1.0  2.0  3.0     '
Compact(CHS)     1.5  1.0  0.5     Sucky. Rather sucky.
x2               3.0  2.0  1.0       
Compact-I(CHS-I) 1.25 1.0  0.5     Okay. Better.
x2               2.5  2.0  1.0                      
H-Compact-Mod    3.0  2.0  1.0*    Me likey. Maybe a Clan version of one of the other ones? It was just the other day I was lamenting the Clans' lack of 3 ton, 1 crit equipment.
L-Compact-Mod    1.5  1.0  1.0*    
*Can be mixed with other HS types.

The idea would be that L- or H- Modified Compact Heat Sinks would be able to be socketed into critical space on designs that needed a more heat dissipation, but didn't have a lot of critical space left.

They're universal and can ignore whether a design uses single, double, or another type of heat sink. They are not integral heat sinks and cannot ever be mounted into a 'mech's engine.

The L-Compact-Mod Heat Sink isn't that great. It's useless on 'mechs carrying standard heat sinks. It's somewhat useful on 'mechs mounting CHS because it can grant halved heat for halved weight, but that's pretty niche. They can help out DHS 'mechs that need additional cooling and have the weight to pay for them.

The H-Compact-Mod Heat Sink is identical in performance to standard Compact Heat Sinks. Using it means that the only reason to use Compact Heat Sinks for a 'mech's main cooling system is to shove integral heat sinks into the engine. Not a great reason. The H-CHS-M cuts a bit too far into the CHS game.

Maybe that's why I made the Improved Compact Heat Sink, making them better than H-CHS's and...doing nothing for the L-CHS? I honestly do not know.

Given the fact that they're universal, L-CHS's could be better for slotting into 'mechs, except that they have a wonky tonnage and it would require a customization roll. You could make them an omni pod or a 98% worthless piece of equipment like modular armor or Battletech's fission engines.

Hey, I apparently made a table comparing heat sink numbers and engine types to compare when modified compact heat sinks would be the best option.

Engine  -Heat   SHS       DHS       CHS       CHS-I       CHS-Mo*
                Tons Crit Tons Crit Tons Crit Tons Crit   Tons Crit Types
250     20      10.0 10   0.0   0    15.0  0  12.5  0      0.0  0.0  10DHS
400     16       6.0  0   0.0   0     9.0  0   7.5  0      0.0  0.0  10DHS
400     32      22.0 16   6.0   0    33.0  0  27.5  0      6.0  0.0  16DHS
200     30      20.0 22   5.0  21    30.0  7  25.0  7     15.0 11.0  10DHS,10CHS
                                                          13.0 13.0  11DHS, 8CHS
                                                          11.0 15.0  12DHS, 6CHS
                                                           9.0 17.0  13DHS, 4CHS
                                                           7.0 19.0  14DHS, 2CHS
140     19       9.0 14   0.0  15    13.5  5  11.25 5      N/A 
210     40      30.0 22  10.0  30    45.0 12  22.5 12     12.0 28.0  19DHS, 2CHS
                                                          16.0 24.0  17DHS, 6CHS
                                                          20.0 20.0  15DHS,10CHS
                                                          24.0 16.0  13DHS,12CHS

In the final analysis, my impression is that Light Compact Heat Sinks work well as incredibly niche equipment, compatible with all other heat sink types and ready to socket into some strange designs. They could also work as universal repair parts for organizations that carry both single- and double- heat sink equipped units.

Heavy Compact Heat Sinks only work with Improved Compact Heat Sinks. The extra weight costs for the CHS-I make them competitive with single heat sinks without pushing them out of the way. It also allows for the now-inferior H-CHS's to have a similar--but better--role detailed for the L-CHS above.

And finally, a straight-across table.

2-Heat Equivalency:
Stats     Single    Double    CHS-I     L-CHS-Mod H-CHS-Mod
Heat       2         2         2         2         2
Tons       2.0       1.0       2.5       3.0       3.0
Crits      2         3         1         2         1
EngFitMult x1.0      x1.0      x2.0      N/A       N/A
FreeHS     10        10        10        N/A       N/A 

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