Thursday, May 28, 2015

17 to 01: Court Martial

Derek says lawyers are interesting. I say they're boring assholes. 

We also talk about conviction and how confidence can sway people where reason doesn't. Feature or bug?

Bug. It's definitely a bug.


SkilTao said...

It is weird how easily the Judges entertain the Enterprise-based theatrics -- that's a good point that it might be because they want to maintain Star Fleet's impeccable record. Gotta wonder how many clever captains weaseled their way out of court martials with clever theatrics.

This is the first episode where I realized I'm not watching remastered episodes! (Or at least, not remastered to the same extent yours are.) Someday I'll track down wallpapers of all these planetscape paintings.

The triangular campaign ribbons are interesting.

Maybe the pattern of the gold braid indicates rank.

All those buttons on his chair and NO CUP HOLDERS

VanVelding said...

Say what you want about the red shirts, but it's the coffee cups that are taking the real risks here.

I can't help but think of Admiral Wiggum now. That totally fits. Commissioner Quimby. This has been done before. If not by fans, then certainly by The Simpsons.