Monday, February 09, 2015

Houma Movie Club: Phase 12

So Houma Movie Club rolls on. I'm probably going to start recording the audio again and hosting them on the big boy site. The last run was good. Frank and Robot was a solid drama that effectively used supporting characters and robots. Mercenaries was my pick for our best movie. Maniac, Rubber, and Mr. Nobody were all great movies with serious flaws/unappealing elements. None the less, I feel like this might be the best phase since Phase 4.

Anway, Richard has dropped out and Josh and Katie have had obligations lately, so our pickin's for Phase 12 are slim, but of high quality.

The Grey (2011, 117 minutes)
Liam Neeson punches wolves.

Burke and Hare (2011[USA], 91 minutes)
A comedy with Simon Pegg about Victorian graverobbers. It looks a bit lowbrow, but I think after the pretentious love-in of Phase 11, we're due for something straightforward.

Horns (2013, 120 minutes)
This thing is why we have Houma Movie Club. We drew straws to see who would pick this. I think I speak for everyone when I say we're all excited.

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