Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Rules of Life: #05

Rule #5: Listen to your elders. Give them respect until they no longer deserve it and you don't have to give it to them.

Ugh. Not one of the better rules. It's wordy and clearly written after dealing with some elder person who spend their prime grinding dumbass points instead of actually learning anything worthwhile.

Instead of pretentiously meditating on this slow pitch Rule, can we talk about how great it is to blow off idiots who try to waste your time teaching you obvious shit, or their own facile world view? They're all, "What you gotta know about women--" and you can just get a cup of coffee and shuffle back to your room before they can even realize how little you care?

Like, they can't comprehend someone wouldn't give a shit about their speech even though they care so little about you as a person they don't even recognize you're 100% into this coffee and -7561% into their bullshit.

Yes, very aware of the irony.


SkilTao said...

Can't say I've had the pleasure. I usually only encounter this with people trying to make small talk in situations where I don't *want* to abandon small talk.

SkilTao said...

Related: patience is easy when you've nothing better to do.

SkilTao said...

Also related: I am learning, probably too late in all cases, that I suffer fools too gladly.