Monday, July 07, 2014

The Rules of Life: #03

Rule #3 People believe what they want to believe

This is probably the first of the really important rules. I like one and two. I repeat them to myself a lot, but three is just painfully true.

It's not the roots, but more like the lower trunk of Western intellect that's rooted in a form of science implied by priests reasoning backwards to make the natural world "prove" the existence of their god. The Scientific Method is built on that foundation even as it tries in vain to move past it.

That's how we bill the thing that will radically alter our civilization.

The ability to dispossess ourselves of what we want and admit truths we do not is an important part of a human cultural change that is even centuries after The Englightenment, still struggling to take hold.

Generally though, I express Rule Three with a shrug and a sigh. Nothin' I can do to help those who can't handle truth.

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