Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Progress Report: 07 JAN 14 Close of Business

I'm intermittently keeping track of my progress on a few important projects. I'll have a finale at the end of the week, but here's a random update. Also, I think I have the flu, but then it's not as bad as the version of the flu my roommate has so maybe it's a faux flu? Not sure.

Work - 10 of 30. Not great, but I'll have to see if I can line something extra up before Friday.

Finding Better Work - Currently sitting at about ten of twenty, which is about as many as I put in next week. If I still have a head of steam when Friday afternoon rolls around, I'll see if I can get it to the elusive 25.

Blogging/Writing - Currently two of the revised ten I'm looking for each week. I've got another two in the chamber I need to revise/focus/unfuck, so it's looking better than last week, but not quite as good as I'd like it to be.

I've got still got the two bits I've been wanting to finally get around to finishing. One is about the amazing DS9 episode, "In the Pale Moonlight" and how it's both amazing and a good reason Deep Space Nine isn't Star Trek. The other is a general bit about Libertarians which I owed to a friend a long time ago. Still taking suggestions.

Dinner/Socializing - Been watching some Doctor Who and doing some chats with the rest of the guys. I guess I have to make dinner tomorrow. Didn't even think about it. Six of ten for the week so far.

Hiking - Done and done.

Roleplaying - I worked with Derek for an hour last week and put the next step into motion. It's going to be on standby for until Sunday, when I send an update to everyone, then the Sunday after that, then the rubber will hit the road on the 24th. I suppose I should at least come up with a story idea in case no one else has one.

Modding Minecraft - Have about two hours in, out of about fifteen. I'm always working with my Linkstorm feature so I thought that I'd record the audio while I played with Minecraft Thursday. While in Minecraft, I'd like to be working with  a custom item, a custom block, and a modified current block. Those three are going to be the measure my Minecraft success this week.

Man of Steel images - Oops. Completely forgot about that.

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