Saturday, January 04, 2014

Progress Report: 03 JAN 14 Close of Business

So I think that 2013 was a miss as far as this blog went. It was a miss in a lot of ways. I'm trying to dial back the formality and focus on speaking plainly about topics that interest me for a while. One of those topics is me and how I spend my time. On Monday, I put up some benchmarks and while I fell short of virtually all of them, getting the stark data back is edifying.

Work - I've actually got about 20 hours this week. Shy of the thirty I wanted, but, I forgot that New Years Day was a day off. Still needs improvement.

Finding Better Work - This one was also a miss. Only about ten. I got hung up on a few cover letters, which are a stupid waste of time if you don't know who's going to be reading them. None the less, the alcohol helped me get through it and I need to focus less on how stupid and futile they are and stop considering them as a blank slate opportunity to fuck up a job I don't even have yet. The ones I put in for were mostly some tech support and a few odd ducks (an Elance contract to write 8,000 word erotica that I don't think I got).

Blogging/Writing - This one doesn't really need updating, but counting posts  that went live this week (these progress reports don't count) it's 2/5. I've got stuff written down, but what I need to do is to commit to getting that typed and queued, and imaged so it doesn't count 'til then. Next week, I'm going to up this to a writing 10 times a week deal, with five of them being blogs which is more realistic and more useful in terms of making me do stuff.

Just as a matter of course, I've got two blogs I've been kicking around for a bit. One is a discussion about how the much-vaunted DS9 episode, "In the Pale Moonlight" isn't a very good episode of Star Trek, despite being one of the best episodes of Deep Space Nine. The other is a general bit about Libertarians which I owed to a friend a long time ago. 

Dinner/Socializing - Like, a billion. We played so many Civilization IV. So many. We watched a Doctor Who Christmas Special we missed on our first run-through of the series and we watched Gallowwalkers as well as part of the movie night thing we're doing with Derek and Josh.

Hiking - 0 of 4 hours. But hey, tomorrow is a new week.

Roleplaying - I only got about two of the five hours I wanted on this. I still need to get with Derek today and kick some stuff around. If I do, it's going to go on to the next week's total.

Modding Minecraft - 2-3 hours total instead of 15 hours a week like I wanted. This is the most disappointing shortfall. Coding is pretty important stuff and I need to sit down and make time for it.

So, first week was a dog's breakfast.  I also realized some of the other things I do in a week. I have a Tumblr I have to barely maintain. I have books I need to sell on eBay. I have books I need to read. I feel a bit overcommitted and under-allocated.

At least I know what I need to focus on in the coming weeks. I did get that roof thing taken care of. I also need to start thinking up some graphics for this bit (images, images, images). I was thinking maybe horizontally cutting up that image from Man of Steel and a jpeg of a hot guy as a backers for each section of progress report. Every time I succeed, the backer is from the hot guy and every time I fail it's the image from Man of Steel

This was definitely a Man of Steel week.

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