Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Linkstorm: Hacks

Writer and comedian Robert Newman applies arguments against providing a welfare state for hypothetically amoral, self-interested recipients to demonstrably amoral and self-interested corporations. (Link)

Stacey Campfield, state senator from Tennessee says some things that all-but-require the "This is what many conservatives actually believe" subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Bradley Manning is a quarter of the way into his third year of incarceration for allegedly leaking sensitive cables from the US government. His treatment is way, way below board and certainly uncalled for, considering he's being held by the self-proclaimed world leader of democracy, fair trials, individual initiative, and compassionate, Christian attitudes. Considering that his guilt is taken as common knowledge (Aside: He did it.), it's astounding that our government isn't even competent enough to put together a decent case and take him to trial.

AntiSec leaked information from a massive stockpile found on an FBI computer, making Americans all over the country ask why the government needs that kind of information. Ha! Just kidding. We're talking about how professional masturbatory image generator Justin Beiber is generating too many masturbatory images.

In terms of real hacking, Wikileaks has released documents related to Trapwire, a commercial enterprise which lets private businesses buy into a shared video and information network. Of course, there's also a government buy-in which lets them access all of this information in the name of security and they're interested in it because it will help them stifle political dissent. Everyone is completely outraged.

J/K: iPhone 5.

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