Friday, July 27, 2012

Minecraft Tour, Part 5 of Infinity

If it's one compulsion that no Minecraft player can resist, it's sharing their Minecraft world. We spend stupid amounts of time collecting resources to make functional structures, fantastic monuments, and the occasional erection that melds both into something whose magnitude is reinforced with every use. Sometimes, the exotic landscape generated from basic blocks through simple algorithms is worth sharing with others.

Sometimes--just sometimes--when you pop out of the nether in an unknown location, you have stacks of netherrack and want to build roads that meet civilization. This netherrack road leads to the eastern edge of the lake where the railroad ends. Netherrack is a good substance; it burns forever, creating eternal light and a barrier against enemies when you fire it up. However, it's hell to walk on when it's covered in flames.

Just past the netherrack road is a simple dirt fortress on the other side of a shallow lake. It', so cool.

Built from an innocuous hillside, it shows the utility of burning netherrack. The checkered patterns keep spiders from climbing the walls.

I don't know how, but &*#^ing chickens always get into my $*#^ing structures and never leave.

I mentioned last week how I dug paths out of a few mountains "by hand." Depending on your perspective, in a virtual world, either everything or nothing you do is done by hand. 

The alternative, in stark contrast to its cruel rarity in the real world, is piles and piles of TNT.

The shots you've seen do seem to happen at very different times. Often, I've got to stage a lot of things to make them look nice, make a good platform, and swap up my viewing distance, the distance out from me the world is rendered.

You see, I use a laptop from 2009. I motherfucking love this thing, but it does have some limitations, like lagging and chugging and acting like Spastic Slideshowcraft when I want to play Minecraft as anything that doesn't look like this:
What I call "Full London Mode."

Finally, I've reached the Far East Base. There's nothing past this. If there is, it's automatically stupid and I hate it. 

Seriously. Fuck The Far, Far East.

Enemies rarely ever walk through nether portals. It makes the into great doors, as they only teleport you to The Hell Realm of Fucking Lag whenever you stand in them for too long. Other than that, The Far East Base is a leaking, dirt-made piece of shit hovel. It's got a massive crevasse out back, but who doesn't?

Next week, I'll head through the nether portal here and finish up the tour (finally) with the nether and a few outside of the nether Projects I've made.

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