Friday, July 20, 2012

Minecraft Tour, Part 4

If it's one compulsion that no Minecraft player can resist, it's sharing their Minecraft world. We spend stupid amounts of time collecting resources to make functional structures, fantastic monuments, and the occasional erection that melds both into something whose magnitude is reinforced with every use. Sometimes, the exotic landscape generated from basic blocks through simple algorithms is worth sharing with others.

Just to the east of my main base, there are some hills, but past that is my first village. 

Villages are pregenerated and consist of some roads and buildings and the occasional villager. Sometimes they have chests with nice stuff in them. If this one ever possessed something nice or memorable, I've long since forgotten it.

I wonder what it looks like when an entire village burns down.

Minecraft actually has achievements. Like the game's final level and boss, they give the firm impression that they're present to technically meet the desire of a sliver of players who want those kinds of things. 

None the less, Minecraft is a game where you get inspired to do stuff and then you do it. When the well dries, up the achievements can help. So, I built 1,000 meters of railroad--most of it through a desert--and brought six-sided order to my world's wilderness.

Order like this, where yesterday's forward base is now a forgotten flyover installation on my way to new frontiers. 

I always liked the natural lighting allowed by using glass as a roof.

Or order like this, where I had to cut down a slice of mountain by hand to make way for a consistent rail line. One just high enough to avoid monsters, but low enough to minimize the time and materials required to make it.

Sometimes, the coolest thing about Minecraft is the pure, stupid man-hours of dumb e-labor that goes into making shit.

As I built the railroad out, I needed more and more forward bases. This allowed me to work with a lot of new styles. This medieval castle motif is my favorite, being both functional and evocative. Thankfully, subsequent projects have given me opportunities refine it.

I thought it best to abruptly end my railroad, depositing minecart and rider into The Lake At The End of Civilization. Those who can't scrabble out of their minecarts quickly enough would simply drown. Before that though, the view is pretty nice. Once it loads.

My projects extend past this lake and I'll be covering them next week.

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