Friday, July 13, 2012

Minecraft Tour, Part 03

I missed last week, leaving everyone riveted about the wonders awaiting us in the far west of my minecraft world. 

Sadly, it's only now I realize that there are no wonders; just a funny base with no walls and some nice roads. If you play minecraft, you'll understand. If you don't...

Look! Dogs!

I used to have six pet dogs. After three of them died jumping off of cliffs and walls, (and one of them trying to dog paddle through a lava pit), I decided that I could live with three dogs. That didn't move. 


The Western base is a simple design with no walls for spiders to climb, sharp corners to keep zombies and creepers from walking up, and enough height to keep skeletons from noticing me.

From the wall at the bottom of the base, you can see the chicken coop (just past the bridge) and a pit with the base's nether gate (the two torches to the right of the tree).

This is one corner of the chicken coop. There are enough chickens in there that it destroys my processor every time I pass by. The stuttering, overlapping clucks of the chickens haunt my dreams.

With so many chickens available, I can just pelt arrows all night long at the mobs that spawn. From my hunting blind, I can practice my marksmanship, get drops, and gather experience.

Despite the very simple structure of the west, I've managed to develop an extensive series of roads running throughout the vast expanse of nothing, connecting a number of unremarkable terrain features. If I really, really hated you, I'd have shown you more of them.

I am a merciful god.

This cabin is the very edge of "civilization" in the west. It's also the source of my wheat. It's got a sunroof and a chimney, but I'll spare you the details.

The Door at the Edge of the World marks the end of everything I've explored. Beyond that is terrain procedurally generated from the same set of blocks as everything I've already seen, but which is mysteeeeeeeeerious.

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