Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cap Week: @#&^ Yeah, Captain America

Ye gods, yes fun. I mentioned the characters with only a few lines of dialog; those lines of dialog are packed with (admittedly simple) character and add a lot to the enjoyment of the movie. I’ve heard tell that there might be some flashbacks in a sequel. While I’m not a big fan of Cap as a solo act, the possibility of more multinational, multiethnic platoon of badasses does this fanboy thing where I completely forget that they’re essentially going to be potato chip content stretched to fill in the gaps of the terrible idea this is Captain America solo adventures.

The reason that the lighthearted nature of the multinational, multiethnic platoon of badasses works so well is because it--like most of the humor in Captain America--works in defiance of the unfair, cruel, and tough world that is World War II. It’s humor that both seasons the harder edges of the setting and ensures that the movie about the skull-headed guy with a laser pistol in the shape of a luger--because he’s a Nazi and Nazis use lugers, that’s why—with his army of Hydragimps and his most German of well-made German cars doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s great that The Cosmic Cube comes with its own ominous music. Maybe if you leave it out long enough, it becomes an iPod. Maybe the Red Skull just wants to put it on shuffle. That's my theory.

There are some nitpicks though (aside from the ice thing, which, if I was doing a Top Ten Nitpicks, would be numbers eight through one). The motorcycle was gimmicky and just dumb as—aw fuck it, this movie was great and you should see it and no nitpicks in the world are going to change that.

Go watch it!

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