Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog in Exactly 1000 Words: Nice

You guys, I love Megas XLR so much.
There are no words.


skiltao said...

So if I'm on the fence about watching this, I should get off the fence.

I just hope it's not too much into the new, angular, quasi-anime style of animation American cartoons had gotten into.

VanVelding said...

It's high-quality animation, but the fight scenes are more wresting moves, giant guns, and lampshading every trope on the giant robot handbook than any kind of fluid, graceful martial art.

I can see how it might fall into that category, but since posting pictures of Megas isn't something I need a lot of arm-twisting to do, I'll let you be the ultimate judge for yourself.

Are Wednesdays good for you?

skiltao said...

Wednesdays? Yes, I could do with more cartoonery on Wednesdays.