Sunday, December 19, 2010

My washer is broken and I can't fix it :(

Photo 01 - Front view with other photo locations marked.

Photo 02-Shows basket pulley (far left), engagement pulley (white wheel, center), serrated arm attached to engagement wheel (barely visible on right)

Photo 03 -Serrated arm on the right. There's a spring that connects to this. I'm trying to figure out where that spring connects to.

Photo 04-Basket pulley (foreground), engagement pulley (white, center), engine pulley (center/right red behind engagement pulley).

Photo 05-Other side. Basket pulley with barely-visible engine pulley.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. This marks the point where I started consistently updating five days out of every seven. This is like if the first battle of The Revolutionary War began with a bar room brawl and the winners pissed themselves. This is why you should make every second special, folks.

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December 19, 2010.