Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mental Static

Have a lot of stuff running through my head right now and I don't really feel like organizing it.

Just saw an interview with Julian Assange. Read up on the Manning guy who (allegedly, but probably) leaked the information to wikileaks. Sucks to be him.

Read a conservative article on how to know if your husband is gay (Does he groom himself? Probably. Sarcastic ever? Homo.) and a liberal article on how America is doomed--doooomed--in twenty or so years(I can't say I entirely disagree, but it's exactly as founded in extremist fear-mongering as the conservative article).

I'm so happy Christmas is here you guys because my retail-working roommate is about to stop complaining and groaning all the damned time. Well, he's about to cut back. A little.

Meanwhile, an article about China putting corrupt securities trader to death. China, I don't say this lightly, but you've out-Texased Texas. Well done.

Also, know how you can read a blog and kinda like it but not be 100%, then you get the one line that lets you know that you don't? Mike Mitchell was close, but Ragnell nailed it with a phrase I never thought I'd ever hear anyone that reads comics utter, "They squandered numerous opportunities to bring Jean Grey back to life."

Shit like this is why I keep following Mike Mitchell.

Also picked up the first of Grant Morrison's run on Batman, Father and Son. It explained a fucking lot. It's awesome. Let me just throw out the golden quote, not just for the book itself, but perhaps for the whole run: "Man-bats. Ninja man-bats. Alarming twist." It's main competition is Bruce's "...but far from impossible" in R.I.P., and I guess all of Alfred's bit at the end of R.I.P..

Got Deadpool/Thor Team-Up and X-Factor as well. X-Factor also had Thor in it. As it just to happened, I was reading Ultimates 2 today, so I got to see Ultimate Jarvis, Deadpool, and Shatterstar drool over how studly Thor is. I guess it's disconcerting for me because I've never seen comic book characters as being that attractive (largely because the men in them, like the women, are drawn to appeal to heterosexual men. That tends to make them strong and solid, not really attractive or sensual.). Still, it was amusing all three times. Jarvis was subtle-but-not, Deadpool was classically "oops gay" heterosexual about it, and Shatterstar was straight played for a two-panel gag on a page full of two-panel gags.

Tried making a Magic deck with Ashnod's Altar and Furnace Celebration. I don't know, it's an exciting combo (hello, Myr Retrievers), but I dunno, my heart's just not in it.

Working on DnD. Trying to make sure that Adventure 3 can hit all of its points and get knocked out in one session. Considering not giving out higher-level items, in lieu of letting players upgrade their specific items, like maybe giving out three levels to distribute amongst their existing equipment. Still undecided.

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