Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So the urging of my friends to explain comics and this whole Black Heimdall thing have compelled me to test out some video blogging.

My only reference for this is Yahztee(which is basically what he does), and the only things I can recall him mentioning about it are A) his microphone, B) that he hasn't felt the touch of a woman in some time, and C) he considers himself fat(his words, not mine).

While my new lappy comes with a camera on it, I've found that I would need better audio input if I were to take it up. In all likelihood, I'll need a dedicated wireless microphone. I don't quite fancy the standard "sit in front of your computer and talk at it" style of vlogging, thinking I'd like to create an atmosphere where it seems as if I'm actually talking to other people off-screen. It's probably not original, but it's preferable.

For the second point, I don't think I'd be giving up much in the way of intimacy. If anything, the imaginary audience for my test run is the best company I've had in weeks.

Yeah, I'm not fat, but I guess I do need to work out a bit. The camera may add ten pounds, but I'm pretty sure that's what people who think they're ten pounds lighter than they really are say when they see themselves. I'm not fat, but my profile clearly isn't my strong suit (especially when shot from a low angle), so I'm going to try to rectify that with camera angles (possibly necessitating an independent camera) and going for a run.



VanVelding said...

Crap. I keep forgetting to end my blogs with a question.

Um...wouldn't you agree?

Rude said...

For inspiration, look here:

I've considered looking into video making myself, but was not sure how much money I would have to sink into it to produce something that doesn't look amateurish or lame.