Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Disco Comics: MPMN!AA12MWEFDLS4/4

Disco Comics:
Marvel Presents
Marvel Now!
Avengers Academy
Murder World #12
Everybody Fukkin Dies Limited Seres 4 of 4

100% guaranteed to be classy and not wierd.

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Art: Kev Walker

I could just say “ditto what I said on the previous issue,” but I won’t. I could. I really want to.

I could also bitch about how the visual icon for Avengers Arena is just “AA” in a serifed font in a circle adorned inside and out with non-serifed “A”s. It’s like they phoned in a lazy scream.

Also, the cover image is like a tournament bracket, but with blood. Creepy /s.

But given that everyone seems to die at random and not everyone has killed a person to get past the previous round I don’t--in the words of Will McAvoy--know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Basically, a book trying to call me an asshole for reading something based on its own plot looks real silly trying to say that from a bargain bin.


SkilTao said...

Feels like the poster for an unsuccessful Murderholics Anonymous meeting... wonder if the cover gets designed before or after the plot gets laid out.

Could've been a good cover, if the issue had been an allegory for Alcoholics Anonymous, or if it sustained a meta-commentary about superhero comics' addiction to violence.

VanVelding said...

Man, I'd give so much for this book to be even that self aware. If it was an allegory for anything I'd be happier, but it's just self-aware enough for you to realize how self-aware it isn't.

It just looks at you from atop a pile of dead kids and says, "Isn't this terrible?"

And you're like, "Yeah. What the fuck?"

Then it's like, "But you like this, right?"

And you're like, "No. You dick."