Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Disco Comics: MPMN!AA11MWEFDLS3/4

Disco Comics:
Marvel Presents
Marvel Now!
Avengers Academy
Murder World #11
Everybody Fukkin Dies Limited Seres 3 of 4

100% guaranteed to be classy and not wierd.

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Art: Riccardo Burchielli

So Arcade has decided to reform his rep by killing a bunch of teenagers with Murder World. This is, as near as I can tell, supposed to be a departure from his MO because it's a really big Murder World this time.

This issue tries hard to make Hazmat look like a coward for accepting her fate when it’s the end result of Marvel editorial acepting the fact that these kids will never be marketable A-listers. Except Reptil. Reptil is on TV so he’s pretty fucking safe.

I mean, it’s just whining and moral recrimination that doesn’t have any conflict except comic book characters yelling at each other about how they’re supposed to act in a way that furthers the story. And because that’s obviously a thin premise for a comic book, they have to physically assault the other person to make them listen because of course.

Pointless, boring, incredibly thin...obligatory. It feels obligatory.


SkilTao said...

I want to like this cover. It has a nice color palette, a dinoman and a bikini astronaut! But there isn't anything to it - obligatory, you said? Obligatory. Like it hasn't thought beyond who should be in the scene.

To the extent I can extrapolate any emotion from it, I'd guess they don't particularly care about each other, but they're clinging together because they're in such a hostile place that non-hostility is a comfort. (As long as I'm hoping for depth that probably isn't there: it'd be nice if their cooperation were motivated by something other than simple altruism, and if teaming up were risky both in terms of survival and moral growth / psychological health.)

VanVelding said...

The character of Biohazard (bikini astronaut) is classic; she's a teenager who is toxic--I think she emits radiation and toxic gasses/chemicals. Of course, it's also eating her up. She wears the suit to protect others and she can direct the toxicity. I really like the character as an iteration on Rogue.

That said, Rogue is never going to die so Biohazard's days are numbered. Her whole deal in this episode is that rather than play Arcade's game and fight in a game that's stacked against her, she's going to enjoy her last few days until she's eventually murdered off.

But then dino-boy screams things at her and she completely changes direction so whatever.

SkilTao said...

A toxic teen sounds fun. Wonder if it'd be too trite to team her with Rogue (or another iteration of Rogue, or former companion of Rogue, if such exist).