Thursday, April 14, 2016

17 to 01: Day of the Dove

We also go from Star Trek to Peter Pan and then to the 2016 presidential election in the space of a few seconds, which I'm personally rather proud of. 

I'm not a blood and guts guy, but this episode needed some real bite to back up its theme. Maybe that's why it didn't have it. I do like the ending. But then, I don't have an allergy to having fun. Was Derek right? Was it too light.

Also, the last name I was trying to think of was "Klingon Louie C.K." I promise I'll do better in the future.

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SkilTao said...

It's cool that you posted this and the cowboy planet ep back to back; I thought both were fun, but I see what you mean about the OK Corral plot being a bit thin and this one being denser. I guess both scripts started out weak and went through a bunch of rewrites, and it's interesting that this one seems to have improved so much and the other one not so much.

I like that the Klingon leader and his wife are both militant but with very different job roles, in contrast with TNG where everybody seems more like interchangeable warriors.

Heh, Chekov is remembering someone else's backstory, maybe it's Agent McCoy's backstory. I wonder if the foiled rape scene would have made it past Standards and Practices if the actress had been black or asian instead of white in blackface.

-"Pool knowledge?" What knowledge? Spock seems to have to all worked out.
-Hah, "stardate: armageddon."
-"I hope the writers--I mean, your computations, Mr Spock--aren't going to kill me this week."
-"The captain is trying to end all violence on the ship--let's take these swords and troop off to help him."
-gaah, the "never questions orders" cliche.
-Kirk's idea of good spirits is to shout angrily at something?

I'm amused that the energy being is smart enough to fake two distress signals and steal a ship, but doesn't seem concerned that the dilithium crystals are depleting.

VanVelding said...

Yeah. It wasn't until DS9 that you saw Klingon officers doing different things on warbirds.

I don't know about the racial issues behind standards and practicies, but I'm sure that as one of those squiffly, poorly-defined areas of Hollywood, it's just the kind of thing we'd expect.

I kind of assumed it didn't need the crystals because it was pushing the Enterprise on its own power. I just assumed that the loss of the warp engines mean that even if they got free of the entity, they'd be stranded in deep space.