Thursday, January 28, 2016

17 to 01: The Changeling

Spoilers: Scotty dies in this episode. The unusual camera work here is probably because they had to shoot around Nomad. There's a lot of good things in this episode and I wish we could take the best parts of "The Changeling" and The Motion Picture.

So is the mental illness play here work, or is it another contrived reason to have a villain do bad things because "they're crazy"? *cough* Ultron *cough*

Look-ups: Steve Martin did "The Man with Two Brains" and Bruce Campbell did "The Man with the Screaming Brain."

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SkilTao said...

Fanficky is a good way to describe the initial scene.

Welshy! Nooooooooo!

Y'know, I don't often think about how much the actors look forward to doing their bits; but some of these scenes, especially the ones with Nichel or Nimoy, which aren't the best continuity-wise make a lot of sense in terms of how fun it was for the actors to do.

Gonna have to keep an eye out to see how long that science alcove sticks around in the transporter room.

PS: this is the first time I've logged into blogger commenting that it's actually worked first try. I'm not sure whether to interpret this as Google fixing the thing, or as the thing being less secure than it was before, or as things I did immediately prior happened to hit the secret trigger I usually have to go out of my way to hit.

VanVelding said...

Wow dude, it's still giving you crap on commenting? It's so weird that I need to click a "not a bot" button to comment on my own posts. Posting doesn't have that hurdle.

I keep putting off moving this whole shebang to IIRC, you commented a few times there. Was that easier?

SkilTao said...

Don't recall if commenting was easier on the WordPress site, but blogspot is only giving me a little crap. Basically, if I want to toggle the "follow-up comments will be sent to" box, I navigate away from the page and then come right back. No big deal.