Friday, October 24, 2014

Rules of Life #14

Rule #14: Illusion uninterrupted is no illusion.

Sometimes, people ask whether or not we exist in a simulation. It's a valid academic question, but I consider taking the questions raised by a mission to Mars or a survey of Io to be more important. Look, quantum computers and the limitations of the Universe's computational abilities are critical areas of knowledge, but...The Matrix isn't shutting down anytime soon.

Debating the nature of reality over a glass of Delightful Buzz Red might be a fine excuse, but it's not going to peel back the curtain.

Maybe it is all fake. Cool. Now bring back hard evidence, or else it just doesn't impact my life the way that fish-eating spiders do. The same largely applies to aliens, government conspiracies, and religion. They're all fine theories and I enjoy learning about them, but I don't take them any more seriously than this season of Doctor Who.

Okay, slightly less seriously than this season of Doctor Who.

So long as an illusion lacks any seams[1], it isn't any less real than...reality[2]. 

People work much the same way. Someone who is perfectly compassionate and empathetic, but always acts like a jerk is actually a jerk. Someone who's an asshole on the inside, but who is always kind, understanding, and helpful towards others is not an asshole. They're a person with asshole tendencies that rises above them every day. It's--y'know--


[1] Any. At all. None. Zero. Zip. The Matrix's dejavous? Interrupted. Total illusion.

[2] For non-illusory universe. These non-illusory definitions get recursive real quickly.


SkilTao said...

I'm enjoying Capaldi's Doctor, less so how the episodes seem to be pushing theme at the expense of story.

VanVelding said...

I've watched a little bit and there are parts that I've enjoyed. I'm curious, which is more invested than I was for most of Eleven's run, but it's still not much.

At this point I've moved past "tough crowd" and into "adversarial demographic." I'm just so disappointed and invested in how things used to be that I'm no longer objective about it.

I will make the occasional cheap shot though.