Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Good old Admiral Ross. How I hate him!

I know content has been a bit sparse lately. I'm sorry. The stuff I want to talk about is either Star Trek related or based on the shit happening in places like Ferguson, Hong Kong, or Japan. I don't want to get social-justice warriory or become completely up-my-own-ass Star Trekky, so I haven't had much to work with.

So with that in mind, I'm going to bitch about a character from Deep Space Nine, Admiral William Ross.

Oh fuck Ross.

ADM Ross: “Ben, I can’t be bothered to plan retaking DS9, the most important location in the war with The Dominion. You do it.”

ADM Ross: “Doctor Bashir, the ideals of The Federation are just an obstacle to preserving the ideals of The Federation.”

ADM Ross: “Kira, I know Romulans established an armed outpost in Bajoran space, but I can’t be arsed to stop them until your courage shames me into action.”

ADM Ross: “Shit. I was going to drink bloodwine over these dead Cardassians, but Ben made me think of what a tool-tastic move that would be. Better copy him.”

ADM Ross: “End of the biggest war in history. I could write something original. Or hire someone to write something original. Or have a single original thought. Or I could copy Douglas MacArthur without attribution.”

Bill “Me Too” Ross is a worthless, talentless, spineless, copycatting nitwit. He embodies everything incompetent and idiotic about Starfleet Admirals.

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