Friday, February 21, 2014

Minecraft Linkstorm 04: Thankfully Short

Wow, this one really got away from me guys. Please watch the video first before you read on, because this only makes the video worse after you read it. 

I did this one the way I always wanted to. I ran though the play while recording and talking and saying things wrong. Then, I recorded deliberate, clear news articles. Then, I recorded the general Minecraft bitching stuff for an even audio quality. Then I recorded the interstitial bits where I fall in a hole and say something about it. 

Then I spliced all of that together over the video, thinking breaks in the news reports would feel the same whether they were a natural break or an audio cut in. I also assumed that because I recorded all of the audio on the same laptop with the same hardware and the same software that my audio levels and background noise would sound the same. It did not. I think you can hear the seams. 

Or maybe it's all in my head because I put the seams there. Anyway, I'm sorry that this thing does not sound good (These things never look good and I assume that if you're still watching I've apologized to you all that I can about it.). 

I'm working on another method for the next one that will hopefully save time and improve the audio quality and involve recording in fullscreen so there's that.

The NSA's Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program:

U.S. Suspect Probably Targeted for Drone Attack:

What We Can Actually Learn from the UK's First Weed Overdose:

End the Ban on Psychoactive Drug Research:

Finally, a Bachelor Contestant Exposes the Show's Weird Sex Issues:

Taliban criticizes peace talks delay:

Violence Could Force Out CAR's Muslim Population:

Michael Jackson Fans Win One Euro for Emotional Damage:

Game of Thrones Actor gets Stabbed in Bar Fight, Orders Another Drink:

BBC Bans All-Male Panels on Comedy Shows:

Dan Harmon Walks AV Club Through Season 2 of Community:

Big Fat Quiz is so great you guys:

What Would Earth Be Like if It Was Shaped Like a Doughnut:

Swiss to Vote on Incomes for All:

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