Monday, February 24, 2014

Houma Movie Club: Zombie Hunter

So a scheduling issue pushed us back a while, but we finally talked about Zombie Hunter. It's unanimously the worst movie we've seen. It's just awful.

So we're watching Grabbers this week and I think it's going to wash that taste right out of our mouths. I try not to invest too much in these things, but I'm really hoping my pick is a good one. It's also the last pick of this Phase 2, which means we'll be voting on a new phase of movies this week. Voting is to the left and everyone gets two.

Europa Report (2013, 90 minutes)
Europa Report looks like Blair Witch meets the Doctor Who episode "The Waters of Mars," which is actually a compliment. The details are scant, but that's how it goes with horror movies. Also, the found footage compliments a film that's supposedly shot in space, where diminishing returns sets in for camera quality at a very low bar.

Stand Up Guys (2012, 95 minutes)
Stand Up Guys looks like a bittersweet drama with three dynamite actors. Pacino. Walken. Arkin. The trailer says it all and I'm pretty sure it's our first drama that won't try to kill us with greyness and child suicide.

Steven Segal is Force of Execution (2013, 99 minutes)
Yes. More Danny Trejo. Also Steven Segal. Also Ving Rhames. Did you know that the person who chose the worst movie from the last phase gets their next movie listed last? That's what happens now. Force of Execution is going to get someone listed last during the next phase.

Evil Dead (2013, 91 minutes)
Now, Terry and I have already seen this, and the rule is that three of the four of us have to have not seen something for us to watch it. If someone wants to cry foul, that's fair and I'll work on swapping it out.

Also, we're going to be having a new person joining the videos. It's going to be Richard. He lives in California, so the time is going to be moved back to 2000 hrs CST (8PM). I don't know if phase four is going to have five movies that we rotate through or not. Or maybe whoever submitted the last worst movie doesn't put one in or what. I don't know.

I also wanted to ad a little warm-up for Grabbers:

The videos are getting a lot better. My personal point of improvement for Grabbers is that I mug a little less when I think I've made a particularly clever reference, which is every reference I make. 

My general recommendation for improvement is that we don't niggle quite as much. If something is 70% accurate or up to 30% wrong, let it go. If it's pertinent to the movie we're watching, sure, engage. But if someone says they start their car with their steering wheel, just...assume they have the intelligence and experience to know they start their car with their keys and just let it go.

Unless it's really funny. Then you ride that shit all the way back to the stables.

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VanVelding said...

1) Evil Dead (2013)
2) Steven Segal is the "Force of Execution"
3) Europa Report
4) Stand Up Guys