Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Gaming Renaissance

Guys, gaming has been crazy yet. As you know, I like playing some Magic, doing some roleplaying, and firing up a console. I'm not really a gamer in the sense that most people are; I prefer to have a more productive use of my time between applying for jobs, whining about Star Trek, and finding out the newest way that jump-dolphins are plotting my demise. Lately, however, things have been pretty rough. I've had no bites on my job applications, my money is still finite, and I'm pretty sure Shortpacked!'s Dave Willis has thrown in with the jump-dolphins to blow my fucking mind.

Luckily, I've got a lot of Magic under my belt these past few weeks, I'm juggling RPG schedules as I try to balance a 3.5, a Pathfinder, and a Werewolf: the Apocalypse campaign. If I'd ever played D&D before it was salvaged from arcane, nerd-based overcomplexity (4th Edition), this would truly be a nostalgia bonanza. As it is, it's just a regular bonanza of character creation, dice rolling, and trying to stat out The Greater Dominus Encyclopedia on the Proper Preparation and Eating of Dicks because apparently, my character's lightning hands don't actually effect lightning elementals and they can eat a mountain of dicks as a class power because fuck them for being immune to my magics!

I'm having loads of fun, but damn, it is exhausting. I can't complain really; I will complain because it's who I am, and I will complain because I'm too highly talented to get passed over on a lot of the opportunities that I've seen, but at a bare minimum I promise that the most righteous of complaining won't include my gaming schedule.



Anonymous said...

simply stopping by to say hi

SkilTao said...

I've been avoiding Pathfinder so far - still too close to 3.0 for me, I think.

Congrats on finding three games!