Friday, November 23, 2012

Things are going okay. Working on a few projects. Putting in a few applications. Admittedly behind on blogs, a fact I'm blaming on the loss of my wireless keyboard.

Thanksgiving was good, and I'm spending today hunkering down, drinking generous amounts of praline liquor in my coffee and just doing internet stuff.

How about you guys?

Here's NyanWaits for your entertainment.


SkilTao said...

My PC's power supply died a couple weeks back. Not a real problem, but did get me thinking that my compy is about due to die for real. The smart thing would be to switch to a laptop whenever it does, but I *really* dislike laptops.

Thanksgiving was good. Too crowded for a solid five days to do anything useful, though. (Not that it takes much.) Got to see one of my littlest cousins which was cool. She's just now tall enough to play pool.

Need to put my ducks back in a row. No applications for the moment, but that's a duck I'll have to add right soon.

VanVelding said...

I'm not a big fan of laptops myself, even though I've had one for about three years now. My only real issue is the keyboard size. Even though I specifically bought it for its big, floppy keys, it's still far too small.

Yeah, good luck with those ducks.

SkilTao said...

Same main issue here. And thanks. And good luck with your spam filter.