Thursday, October 27, 2016

17 to 01: To Serve All My Days

Let's be nice about this: we all love Walter Koenig and D.C. Fontana. On the other hand, what the hell, Walter Koenig and D.C. Fontana?

Star Trek: New Voyages, "To Serve All My Days" can be found at

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SkilTao said...

Ahhh, Galaxy Quest...

Lessons this ep teaches about writing Star Trek scripts:
-have a philosophical message or underlying moral theme
-remember that Chekov is apprenticing to Spock
-have some kind of plot deeply involving Comm Officers being the ship's global chat moderator
-fan works are infinitely easier to watch with the audio muted and supplanted by third party commentary

Chekov agreeing with himself would work a lot better if there were other characters in the scene who couldn't hear one of the Chekovs. Bonus points if both Chekovs have someone who can hear one but not the other.

Soooooo having watched this, and presumably other fan episodes by now, are your feelings towards nuTrek any warmer and fuzzier?

VanVelding said...

Gods, I'd have to be more amenable to nuTrek at this point, right?