Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Nature of the Beast

Maybe the last thing on this gaming shit for the time being. I know it's getting old. I know the theft and spread of Jennifer Lawrence's nude photos is the hotter story right now (no pun intended).

Folks are talking about models of behavior. Devin Farici has been pretty compassionate in his depiction of gamers as mislead teenagers. I think that's fair to remember, but I doubt that most of the hate here is coming from socially put-upon nerds. 
This bit was in response to Farici empathizing with these guys.
But check out that twitter. He has 22 replies. All of them are replies to other people, 20 of them have been made in the last week, and a half dozen are just him tweeting the same video to Zoe Quinn over and over again like a completely sane adult.

Adults can be fucking internet monsters too. Hell, adults these days grew up on the internet. We're the OGs of the OPs. Do you need a generation that can turn anonymity—ignorance itself—into pure human bile, leveraging 20+ years of increasing responsibility in that role? I could put that on my resume with a clear conscience.

It started in our teen years, same as it happens today. Outcast because they weren't attractive, or confident, or rich, or well-socialized enough. Society is a funny thing and it has a lot of implicit rules. For a kid who was largely raised by television, it might as well be in the telepathic language of Betazeds.

You know what has explicit rules? School. You know what has explicit rules? Video games. Work, to some extent is the same way. These guys could live their entire lives, following the instructions; school, work, games. That's it.

Imagine that community. An anti-community. Disrespected by most people, so becoming the anti-thesis not to what society is, but to its obvious surface character. You get the guys you see on 4Chan: atheist, entitled, bigoted, misogynistic man children.

I also think that society, while much better than it has been, still has plenty of atheism, entitlement, bigotry, and misogyny. When society says that rape is bad, but fails to punish rapists. When society says that racism is bad, but fails to punish racists. When society hammers Christianity but does very little Christian.

I don't expect for you to agree with me on every point here, but here's a survey where folks are pretty cool with rape once you stop calling it "rape."

When society reviles entitlements, but remains greedy at the core. When society is both pretentious and valueless, its reflection only rejects the pretenses of society. The reflection keeps the rot.

Given the privacy of the internet, no one would ever even call them out on their behavior until it came to women. Jokes about sandwiches are put to the side in favor of a joking, "but no seriously, how do I work this thing?"

Women don't have instructions because they are people and people are complicated. If you try a one-size-fits-all approach to wooing people, you'll be frustrated and disappointed. The quest of these folks for the cheat codes to unlock someone's pants has driven the popularity of things like neural-linguistic programming and pick-up artistry...and more frustration and disappointment. 

In a model of behavior where gamers execute social instructions they want women because the instructions say they're supposed to have women. What do you do with the games that don't play by their own rules? That don't give you the rules? A game which so unfairly hated you for you whenever you knew you deserved every reward it had to offer.

Look, I know I'm an atheist, but I don't think that's how karma works.
Correction: I absolutely know that's not how karma works.

If women won't give them the instructions for getting them, these entitled dipshits feel completely justified cheating at a broken game, taking what they're owed by hook or crook. The photo leaks are a much larger issue than Gamers, but they're suddenly quite salient.

I'm not saying that everyone who ever identified as a gamer is a rapist. I'm saying that some self-identified Gamers that look at what's happening to Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn and decide their biggest problem is game journalism because they consciously don't feel like women are owed anything. Even if they were capable of empathy, they wouldn't waste it on women.

There are folks that are going to grow out of this. There are a lot for whom this behavior is deeply entrenched. There's a large victim complex for folks who never realized that anyone else in the world could have it harder than them, even when they work to make other people's lives harder for not giving them what they're entitled to.

They shouldn't be waited out. Potential or no, they should be engaged. The veterans aren't going to grow out of this. They need to be engaged. They need to be shown for the cowardly, scared children that they are. That's my long-coming (and slightly tortured) point.

Gamers were told a lot of things. To be empathetic. To be kind. To code their misogyny and racism. To maybe not send people pictures of their dick unsolicited. To act like members of a civilization.

They chose, consciously, not to become those things. The biggest one they were told was to "grow up and stop playing games." I think anyone who likes games should play games, but it's time for these guys to get with the program and grow into responsible adults.

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