Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tabletop: Dixit

Tabletop is a pretty good series. I kinda trailed off after Wil Wheaton started losing it in the D&D game. Dixit may not be the most exciting episode, but it looks like a pretty cool game.

The Last Night on Earth episode is great because I'm pretty sure Felicia Day is trolling by the end of it and that's beautiful. There's also the Shadows Over Camelot episode with the Penny Arcade guys.


SkilTao said...

Also hit hit shimmy grandpa stories. Looking forward to the next season.

Have watched a couple of Felicia Day's & her brother's video-game-playing show, which is basically them trolling each other incessantly.

Spooked (another show on Geek & Sundry) is up to three eps, and not awful so far.

VanVelding said...

Really? Spooked is good? I'll have to check into it.

SkilTao said...

"Good" might be a little generous, but yeah, I like it.